Should obese nurses be forced to diet or lose their jobs as they set a bad example for patients?

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Should  obese  nurses  be  forced  to  diet  or  lose  their  jobs  as  they  set  a  bad  example  for  patients?

Diet, is a personal choice. Just like career, lifestyle and which car model you drive. Some people enjoy an active healthy lifestyle, while some find it hard to leave their beds. Others would prefer a burger and friends to a chicken salad with cherry tomatoes. It all comes down to choice. Whether you cycle to work, take public transport or drive there in the comfort of your car.

Someone's weight and health is a personal matter. Now while many people may see it fit to discuss peoples weight and health status or conditions, what a person chooses to consume or how they choose to live is up to them. Education and a good attitude are the first to change your life for the better. Now while you may worry your child, spouse or nurse will eat themselves into diabetes or obesity, the way they treat their bodies is their own business.

When it comes down to it, a nurse is very educated on the human anatomy. She or he is trained to give care to people who are suffering from various illnesses and even how to diagnose diseases based on the symptoms you are facing. Therefore, should a nurse become obese it is no surprise to them, nor are they unaware of how to respond to curb their weight gain.

They know the poor side effects that come with an unhealthy diet. From poor skin complexion and breakouts to weight gain in unwanted areas and the difficulties that come with killing a bad habit. It also means probable heart conditions, high cholesterol, diabetes and other irreversible medical conditions from being overweight. A nurse who is overweight is unexpected. They are constantly on their feet doing rounds with doctors and moving around the hospital checking on patients, administering treatment or rushing to aid in an emergency.

However, some people are prone to gaining weight faster than others and they also have a hard time shedding the weight. The key to staying healthy and fit is being constant. For a nurse who is overweight, she should take the next steps to manage her weight if she feels insecure or unhappy with the weight he or she has gained. The nurse can also seek the support of friends and family who can keep her accountable for the steps she is taking to become healthier.

There are some people who are confident in their weight and hence, do not see the need to lose the weight. In such cases, they may need to be diagnosed in order to see the danger of their weight gain. How it can affect their health and adversely and commit to a better lifestyle through a health and fitness plan. This can be the small things first. By watching what they consume. Water instead of soda, and more cooked meals, instead of fried fast food.

What should not be done, is forcing them to diet or fire them as a result of a lack of commitment to a weight plan. This can affect them in a negative way, both emotionally and their physical health. It will definitely affect their self-esteem, to be jobless and at risk of obese related diseases. This will make them feel hopeless when they are unable to cater to their bills and other necessities. Additionally, some people tend to eat when stressed, and being out of a job may even lead to depression and worse health from binge eating.

More than that, firing someone from their job as a result of something personal such as poor health or weight gain, if it is not stipulated in the contract can lead to a lawsuit. It would be unlawful to terminate someone based on their looks alone. This matter is one that needs to be dealt with delicately, so as not to offend the nurse and have a healthy productive relationship instead.