What is a Capstone Project and why are they required by most Masters Programs?

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Every student undertaking a graduate degree is expected to undertake a final research paper for them to successfully finish graduate school. Many higher education programs require students to complete a capstone project or write a thesis in their final years.

So, what is a capstone project?

Capstone projects differ from each institution to how they are presented by every student in many colleges. Many projects very differently from each institution and thus some are more experimental which require students to relate whatever they have learned throughout their graduate program.

There exist many programs that require students to take capstone projects. Many nursing schools, public administration classes, mass communication, and liberal arts require graduate students to finish their project before being allowed to graduate. The reason behind the study for this project is that it gives students the opportunity to learning and use the knowledge they have acquired in the real world.

A capstone project is defined as a research paper that seeks in identifying an existing problem and try to come up with answers or solutions to the said problems. It is often done by applying most of the skills and methods learned to try and address the solution in a direct manner. Many of these projects are often geared towards research whereas others put much emphasis on solving problems.

What are some of the goals a student accomplishes when undertaking a capstone project?

A capstone project is useful in master’s programs since it focuses on defining a problem and deciding some of the techniques used in mastering and thinking of all the aspects to fixing an information problem. Some of the options may include using technology or conducting a technical analysis of past information.

Capstone project papers help create a positive difference needed in helping the community, an institution or a different organization in some of the solutions they may be having regarding an issue.

There are different types of capstone projects. Many are often case studies or surveys about a product or a case. Each program with which students go through has different sets of capstone project papers that they are required to complete when in their final year. Capstone project papers are known to take a considerable amount of time depending on the institution you are taking it from.

What are some of the ways of writing a capstone project?

1. Choose a Topic

A capstone project is known to take a longer period which is essential for one to identify a topic that naturally interests you helping you explain more and broadly about a given topic. Writing a paper about a topic you care about makes it easier for one to explore broadly and search for material to write about. A good topic should, however, be narrow enough and within the limits to explaining a topic thoroughly.

2. Writing a thesis statement.

It is imperative to start your capstone project paper by having a clear, concise thesis statement. It is important to choose your thesis statement carefully since it is the foundation around which your whole paper is built from. Conducting your own research is important before beginning to carry out your arguments and supporting them. Writing your thesis statement early is the sole reason why one should start writing their capstone paper early enough.

3. Construct an outline

Before officially embarking on your project. Ensure you have an outline of where you will begin from. It is best to start by listing down all the main points and dividing them into categories to which one can have them in an appropriate order into having a logical flow i.e. from the introduction to the conclusion.

4. Submission & Conclusion

It is important to have your capstone project paper in an engaging note ensuring that it ends the same way capturing their attention. Ensure that you revise your work by looking at the important details to check for any problems that arise with punctuation, grammar, and even word choice ensuring that one makes the necessary revisions.