Healthiest Breakfast Ideas for Busy Nurses

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A healthy breakfast for nurses is essential in generating energy to start the day or shift right. Most nurses skip breakfast to reach their workplace early, but it will also be difficult to get an opportunity to sit for a meal in the middle of a shift. The right thing is to take breakfast before leaving to work.

Busy nurses with a hectic daily routine should not use it as an excuse to skip breakfast but should instead use these breakfast ideas to fix a meal quickly in the morning.

1.Protein bars

Protein bars are excellent for breakfast and snacks during the day. Nurses can carry them easily in the pocket to take when on the move and prevent the risk of experiencing effects of low blood sugar during a shift. There is a choice to buy protein bars or prepare them at home. Nurses who choose to buy from a grocery store should check the nutrition labels. Some of the products contain a lot of calories and sugar yet they are harmful to health. Protein bars are in different flavors, and it is necessary to pick those with taste sweet for taste buds. Pick the appropriate protein source when you decide to make your protein bars. Besides peanut butter and nuts, you may try protein powder.

2.Peanut butter strawberry wrap

Peanut butter strawberry is within ten minutes ready to eat. It only needs peanut butter, tortillas and sliced fruit like bananas. You might also use strawberries in place of bananas. Spread plenty of peanut butter on a tortilla wrapper and top it up with your favorite fruit. It is ready to eat soon after rolling it up.

3.Overnight Oats

Some call overnight oats the “ultimate lazy person breakfast.” It needs you to only combine 1/3 cup of rolled oats with a ½ cup of milk and store the mixture in a refrigerator overnight. The oatmeal will be creamy and tasty in the morning. You can find an instant-no-cook variety if you did not prepare the oats overnight. It is ready to consume variety after adding hot water. You can spice this flexible and straightforward to fix dish by adding these add-ons:

  • Slices fruit
  • Cinnamon spice
  • Nuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Yogurt

Chocolate lovers can spice up their overnight oats by adding cocoa powder. The possibilities to spice it up are endless as you can even add flax seed or chia for a power boost.

4.Microwaved eggs with vegetables

Scrambled eggs with vegetables are a tasty meal that satisfies cravings for a spicy meal. An advantage for busy nurses is that with a microwave, it will cook in a few minutes. It needs mixing sliced vegetables with two well-beaten eggs and a small amount of cheese for an extra flavor in a microwave-safe container. The vegetables can be tomatoes, zucchini or cabbage. Microwave the mixture for about 30 minutes seconds and stir. Microwave the mixture for another 30 seconds after stirring. A tasty savory breakfast meal will be ready for a busy nurse to eat within 3-5 minutes of cooking and preparing.

5.Quinoa fruit salad

A healthy breakfast for nurses who spend much energy at work and might take long before taking another meal should have plenty of protein for energy boosting purpose. Quinoa is a splendid option because it is protein rich and contains other vital amino acids. Make a bowl of quinoa fruit salad by cooking quinoa according to instructions on the package. You can spice the fruit salad by adding a cow, almond or soy milk. Add slices of the favorite fresh fruits after cooking and spice it up with nutmeg or cinnamon.

6.Banana and peanut butter smoothie

Smoothie is the best meal for busy nurses who need a breakfast that they can eat on their way to work. A smoothie of banana and peanut butter is ideal because they are rich in minerals and energy boosting vitamins. You make this smoothie in these steps.

  • Toss a frozen banana
  • Two tablespoons of peanut butter
  • A cup of your chosen type of milk
  • Ice cubes in a blender
    • Pour the smoothie in a mason jar after blending, and it is ready for drinking.

      Taking breakfast for nurses is essential like dinner after a busy shift because it gives energy to the body. It is not necessary to skip it even when the time to work is short as there are many healthiest breakfast ideas for busy nurses to try.