Travel Nursing vs. Staff Nursing - Major Differences

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Travel  Nursing  vs.  Staff  Nursing  -  Major  Differences
Staff nursing

The primary job for staff nurses is to handle patient management and recovery. They work to assist people to recover from illness and injuries. Their reports guide doctors about the condition of a new arrival to a hospital because staff nursing involves receiving patients. It is at this time that these nurses assess the status of a patient, takes vitals and reports it to doctors for a thorough assessment.

Working a hospital reception or emergency room is hectic, and staff nurses are an area for those who are ready to work for long hours. Many health care facilities cannot function without their contribution, and it is the reason why they receive decent salaries.

Staff nursing entails working under orders of a doctor and act as advocates for the patients when they are undergoing important procedures like surgery. Staff nurses also help doctors to perform diagnostic testing. They can also administer medication and injections or other processes that help to reduce the suffering of the patients much as possible. Although most staff nurses work in hospitals or other medical facilities, their responsibilities might involve travelling to community sites or homes of patients.

Travel nursing vs. Staff Nursing –Pay Difference


Employers hire staff nurses on a long-term contract that includes a salary and benefits that they will receive every month during the deal. The pay usually depends on the level and experience of a nurse with incremental raises. Travel nurses get an opportunity to negotiate their pay for every new contract. Those who possess negotiating skills can gain higher pay packages than most of the staff nurses including those with many years of experience. Travel nurses can earn pay that ranges between $1300 and $2300 a week. With such earnings, the travel nurses can make more than $100,000 per an amount that staff nurses are unlikely to get.

Travel nursing suits individuals who want to choose where they will work and period they will serve. It is an excellent benefit for nurses who do not want to work at the same place for a long time and cherish opportunities to take frequent tome offs.

Staff nursing is an area for nurses who prefer longevity, gaining experience in particular aspects of a job, developing a lasting relationship and raising a family.