How to Control Your Emotions as A Nurse

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How  to  Control  Your  Emotions  as  A  Nurse
3.Practice resilience

Resilience is an ability to quickly overcome challenges and deal with them efficiently to promptly move forward in life. Building positive beliefs in nursing abilities helps emotions. A great way to build resilience is by increasing confidence in nursing abilities including a capacity to respond and deal with new job environments. Resilience increases an ability to perform well under pressure and improves the way of viewing life as well as its challenges.

4.Express feelings safely

Find a way of expressing the feelings from work experiences such as recording them in a notebook. It helps to organize thoughts and determine solutions, especially for the most stressful situations. You can invent a way of releasing the frustrations such as drawing claiming images, creating memes or sharing them with colleagues. Pent-up frustrations hurt within and it is essential to find a way of releasing them.

5.Find a mentor

A mentor especially an experienced nurse gives you a positive role model you can reach out for guidance. A mentor helps you to manage work demands and hopefully help to avoid burnout. A mentor can help to recognize emotions and express them in a proper manner that reduces emotional tension.

6.Practice deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing is an effective and proven coping skill. They help to relieve anxiety and emotional stress, improve mood and allow disengaging from things that are beyond control. Extra oxygen after deep breathing helps to relieve tension and provide essential feel-good endorphins. Deep breath has also proven to be effective in reducing stress and rejuvenating the mood. It is a simple exercise for a nurse to practice without the need to move away from the workplace.

Nurses should also take care of their physical health because it also affects the emotions. Physical fitness keeps the body and mind in an excellent state. Regular exercises, eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep improves physical health that subsequently impacts emotions positively on a large scale.