Health Care Cost and Quality

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Healthcare Cost and Quality

Private and healthcare delivery in low and middle- income nations is sometimes suggested to be quite more efficient, accountable, and sustainable than the public sector. It has been proven that the performance of private and public health sector differs variedly. Further investigations reveal that Meta analyzes, reviews and case-control analyzes including the reports by non-governmental organizations and international agencies show that. The chronological gatherings through extensive database search filtered through methodological inclusion criteria organized into six World Health Organization health system themes. The issues include responsiveness, accountability, and accessibility, transparency, fairness, quality, equity and efficiency (Catherine et al, 2014).

In the comparisons of the gathered data from various articles about the studies performed in low- and middle-income nations. The comparative and the cross-sectional studies revealed that service providers in the private sector frequently violated medical standards of practice and had poorer patient’s outcomes. On the other hand, the medical standards had much-reported timeliness and hospitality to patients. Reported efficiency tended to be reduced in the private sector than public leading to perverse incentives for unnecessary testing and treatment. The public sector services experienced more limited availability of medications, equipment and professional healthcare workers. The systematic review does not support the claim that the private sector is regularly more efficient, accountable or more medically effective than the public sector but frequently appears to lack timeless and hospitality towards patients.

Analysis and projection of initiatives to improve quality while simultaneously controlling cost and describing the unintended consequences

It is ethical to improve the healthcare standards to suit the critical health conditions of individuals within the society while reducing the related costs. The reduction of cost would encourage the frequency of patients to the hospital to receive the perfect healthcare services at the affordable rates. In the typical health insurance markets, diverse selection occurs when unhealthy people are most common than healthy people to buy health insurance coverage at a particular price. Affordable Healthcare Act encourages broad enrollment through the diverse accessibility of health insurance exchanges.

The reduced cost and affordable healthcare Act raises consumer awareness and foster consumer choices through information campaigns. Various medical initiatives are improving the medical standards of the healthcare at affordable rates. Employers engage in the variety of innovative approaches to improving the health care quality and controlling costs tackling some of the existing problems healthcare systems. The medical flaws include the failure to engage patients in their care, barriers to access patients care, lack of coordination among the providers and counterproductive benefits structure.

Patients-centered Medical home

The delivery model system designed to improve coordination by ensuring that each patient is taken care of by a single provider. Its implementation advocates hope to focus on the prevention or delay the commencement of costly acute chronic conditions.

Workplace clinics

Another improvement in the healthcare quality common among many employers is to bring healthcare closer to the patients by offering employees access to the workplace clinic. The most common obstacle of the workplace clinics is the lack of successful workplace clinic.

Consumer-directed health plans

The health insurance with the perfect deductible rates combined with a health saving accounts including the decision support tools as a means of controlling healthcare cost. With the increasing deductibles the employees make various moderate choices about what kind of care they need.

Promoting patient engagement

Another great initiative in the improvement of health care while reducing the cost is the encouragement of people to engage in their healthcare activities. The patients who are passively or nominally involved in their care undermine the treatments in many ways. The initiatives may improve and expand the healthcare standards. There is a diverse implication in the improvement of the healthcare practices while reducing the medical cost. The professional nursing staff and the advanced medical practices enhance healthcare services within the medical centers such as the hospitals. The existence of expert nurses would increase the patient’s safety analysis depending on the data analysis to identify the patient’s safety issues. The demonstration of the new skills leads to improved quality and patient safety (L Machado et al, 2014).

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