HealthCare Systems

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HealthCare Systems
  • The improvement of patient experiences of care in terms of both quality together with satisfaction
  • The improvement of health of populations
  • The reduction of the per capita costs of the entire health care.

Central to this strategy, Triple Aim approach, the Genesys Health care organization will be inclined into rethinking the manner in which healthcare workers undergo training, the manner in which they are managed, how they are coached at the same time look closely into the compensation schemes that shall be put I place so as to pursue all the three dimension above. In the adoption of this new form of design, Genesys shall translate the dimensions into human Resource (HR) based on the fact that the people provide healthcare. An illustration of this is a healthcare worker carrying out a training also coaching task exercise with the aim of providing the people with new skills in customer relations such that the patient experience is improvement (Benjamin & Karen, 2014).. In a similar manner some jobs in the organization may need to be redesigned so that they lay focus more particularly on the primary care against specialty kind of care so as to deal with the whole continuum of healthcare provision. The organization, under this Triple Aim strategy will also have all its workers compensated on grounds of how effectively Genesys Health care will be delivering a high-quality care using the lowest possible price (Walter, Robert., John & Sean, 2015).

Genesys under the guidelines of IHI will translate the Triple Aim design into all kinds of high-impact results. For instance, Genesys Health System , Michigan will be working with its partners who are the Genesee Health Plan along with the Genesys Physician Hospital Organization in bettering the engagement of patients that are under they own care. A combination of both the patient-centered medical home in addition to a health navigator that supports the patients also the providers, and furthermore does the linking of both the foresaid with the community resources will by all means improve the access plus appropriate utilization. With this, Genesys will be on a good position of demonstrating roughly 10-25 percent lower costs in healthcare when compared with its competitors, across the diversified population that includes not only the insured, but also the uninsured patients (Institute of Medicine, 2001). A culture of hospitality and valuing of diversity is well sought for in the organization.

The case presented here regrading satellite clinics is an excellent illustration of crossing the quality chasm thus movement into a new form of health system that depicts the standards of the 21st century. Therefore, an eminent challenge here will be tied into HR challenges under the health care thus calling for the organizational leaders to manage the very changing and the new challenging environment. The list of these challenging will not only be exciting but also daunting. Topping the list of challenges will be the desire of recruiting and retaining of the correct number of the qualified staff in addition to the management of changes which affect the people.

With regard to the recruitment and retention, there is an enormous demand for all the health workers to increase the number of healthcare positions. The health care facility will thus be required to stretch the number from the current number of three up to ten or maybe more. Moreover, there is an ever increasing need for registered nurses as the issue has been well-chronicled in the media. It is a clear case here that just like other organizations in the health care industry, the challenge of recruiting also retaining the right number yet competent employees for the new division. Next is an issue related to residential care and rehabilitation facilities? This challenge is also tied to the workforce, it is evident that there may be no enough workers as a result of the limited number of employees and there are chance that the ones that are available may not possess the adequate skills with regard to the emerging technology.

Another issue is ambulatory care. The organization is moving from inpatient to ambulatory (outpatient care). Our care providers, that is, clinics, the physician offices, the home health agencies plus the freestanding surgery will foresee the demand for ambulatory care providers expanding. The fourth challenge will be the health care service businesses. Since alternative delivery is gaining momentum, the creation of a variety of health services is evident. As a health care organization, out drug store will demand for the people with clinical training also a knack for customer services due to satellite system.

An additional factor is the management of change since the healthcare industry plus change are very synonymous. It thus goes minus questioning that the management of such changes which affect the healthcare workplace remains one of the changes that is bound to affect the organization. Stemming from this is the management of the costs specifically cost-containment issues. At some incident, the company will be forced into taking an endless stream of budget-cutting initiatives, at times we may be forced to restructure so as to gain efficiency, curtailing low-demand/ the low margin services also other initiatives which are geared into meeting cost reduction objectives.

The organization will also be faced with the challenge of compliance with the quality standards as pressure has mounted on every health care delivery system in improving clinical performance also the performance of quality standards. A fix will occur if we will be inclined into meeting the JCAHO quality standards or the organization will respond to third-party payers clinical outcome forms of reviews.

Still on the financial framework, we will have issues such as compensation and benefits. The compensation will be rewarding the employees for having performed organizational works thorough either payments, incentives as well as benefits. It is obvious that decoding on the best compensation scheme will be a constraint (Kenneth & Douglas, 2008). Lastly, other challenges are those that are tied to health, safety as well as security in combination with the employees of the organization and labor management relations.

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