Methods of Collecting Qualitative Data In Healthcare

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Methods of Collecting Qualitative Data In Healthcare

Qualitative interviews can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Structured interviews essentially quick because they are verbally administered questionnaires, which are easy to administer. It is advisable to ask questions with much information when conducting an interview, (Silverman D, 2000). For example in the study of prevalence of schistosomiaisis among children and adults, I would ask questions about the age group that is more exposed to the disease. Schistosomiasis infection is more common among children aged 6-15 years.

A focus group is a group discussion on a particular topic that is organised for the purpose of research. The discussion is always organised and recorded by a researcher. Focus groups are used to give information on collective views and the meaning behind the views, (Britten N, 1999).

Observation is another method used in collecting qualitative data in healthcare research is the use of observations. This method requires a researcher to carefulwith such factors as colour, change in the volume, (Legard R, 2003).

In conclusion, focus groups and and interviews are the main methods used in collection of qualitative data in healthcare research. These methods have been frequently used in dental and epidemiological researcher

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