Can Too Much Sitting Make You Sick or Worse

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Can Too Much Sitting Make You Sick or Worse

Prolonged sitting increases the risk of contracting terminal illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The design of the human body is for it to be active and always on the move. When you do not move for a long time, it is a message for the body to start shutting down.

The muscular and cellular systems require body movement for them to perform the essential functions of processing blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides. They cannot be activated during extended sitting.

Sitting for long can make you sick-making to you to get one or more of these conditions.

Serious Effects of Excess Sitting

Risk of Organ Damage

Sitting too much is also known to cause a worse condition by damaging these organs.


Sitting for long reduces blood follow and burning of fat by the muscles making it easy for fatty acid to clog the heart. People who sit for over 10 hours are at more risk of developing heart disease than those who sit for 5 or fewer hours.


Excess sitting is estimated to increase production of excess insulin and in turn, encourage the abnormal growth of cells. It increases the risk of colon and endometrial (lining of womb or uterus). Inactivity also hinders the production of antioxidants in the body, yet they are useful in eliminating free radicals which are dangerous due to their cancer-causing potential.

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Sitting for long even for day affect the ability of the body of reacting to insulin. The pancreas begins producing an excess amount of insulin may cause diabetes if it goes on for long.

Posture Problems

Strained shoulders and neck

It is a common for computer users to lean the head and the neck forward. The same happens when holding a phone to your ear. When you spend more and more time in this posture, it will cause strain to the cervical vertebrae. It also causes permanent imbalances leading to neck strain, sore back, and shoulders.

Painful back and hip problems

Sitting adds more pressure to the spine than when you stand. The effect of sitting for long is that you will get chronic back pain especially if you sit hunched in front of a computer or other equipment. Around 40% of people who complain of back pain spend many hours every day working on a computer. The disks in the back are designed to expand and contract from body movement to allow absorption of nutrients and blood. You compress the disks extensively by sitting for long, and with time you will lose flexibility. Excessive sitting can increase the risk of a disk hernia.

Prolonged sitting also affects the hips by reducing the necessary extension and limiting the range of motion causing uncomfortable tightness. If there is no effort to reduce the period of sitting, decreased hip mobility begins developing and in turn, increases the risk of falls.

Muscle degeneration and weak bones

Standing tenses abdominal muscles but sitting for long makes them idle and ultimately lead to their weakening. Sitting also makes the glutes inactive and weaker. As glutes weaken, it affects your stability and power of stride when walking or jumping.

Leg Disorders

Sitting for long periods regularly leads to a reduction in circulation of the legs. Veins strain to move blood to the heart when you sit. It can cause swelling of varicose veins and ankles or even blood clots also called deep vein thrombosis(DVT). It is even worse when to bend or cross your legs when sitting. The increased pressure worsens the symptoms of varicose vein.

Siting many hours each day will trigger many ailments and reduce your lifespan. When you must sit to work, create breaks to stand and walk. Make sure that you stand for at least 10 minutes each hour. Make a habit of using a Chair the enables you to sit upright.