Why Handwashing Makes Us Healthier

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Why Handwashing Makes Us Healthier

You are more secure from disease if you wash your hands at these times.

  • Before meals
  • After using the toilet
  • Touching contaminated or soiled items
  • Handling raw meat
  • Washing hands prevents the spread of these bacteria.

Health benefits of hand washing

Prevent diarrhea and intestinal infections

Contact with human waste can cause severe abdominal illnesses and diarrhea when its laden with causative bacteria. Regular washing of hands will remove such infected matter and bacteria from the hands. Hand washing is essential as you could get it from other people or objects without your knowledge.Proper washing and drying of your hands reduce the risk of diarrhea by a third.

Prevention of eye and throat infections

The most common cause of eye infections are the bacteria that get into the precious organs from a touch with the hands. Keeping hands clean through regular washing helps in preventing common eye infections such as trachoma and conjunctivitis. Bacteria also cause infections or obstruction of the respiratory tract. The source of some is dirty hands. Regular washing of hands easily removes them from the hands for hygiene as safety from infections. Proper hand hygiene reduces the risk of respiratory diseases by 20 percent.

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Keeps your hands and workplace pathogen free

Bacteria can linger in any conducive place including your hands for days. They can stay a paper for up to two weeks. They will not die even after the passage of many hours of touching dirty objects until you clean your hands. You hand touches bacteria all the time only that it is impossible to know. Your hands are dirty than you think which is a scary thing but you can protect yourself by cleaning the hands regularly.

Regular cleaning of your office space and equipment with alcohol-based products reduces the number of bacteria, but it still does not save yours entirely from coming into contact with some. They could hide under the equipment on handles or hinges until after the claiming. Washing your hands regularly prevents the hands from becoming the medium through which you carry bacteria around the office.

Maintenance general hygiene

Wherever we go, the people and some of them could be carriers of harmful bacteria or virus. Some will sneeze and cough probably leaving the sputum in the open. If the bacteria lands on the hands and you do not wash them, it will get into your bacteria. It is also good to ensure that the environment around you is clean as together with clean hands it will significantly reduce spreading of germs.

  • The proper way of cleaning your hands is to
  • Wet your hands with cold or warm running water
  • Apply a good amount of bar, liquid or powder soap.
  • Lather well and rub hands together vigorously for 20 or more seconds to rinse well
  • Dry the hands with a clean towel or air dryer

It is safer to turn off the faucet with a disposable towel or elbow as the handle could be having bacteria.

Handwashing Prevents serious illness and medical bills

Hand washing is cheaper than hospitalization. Washing and drying the hands might be a simple preventative measure, but it helps to stave off illness. When you are healthy, it removes the need to go for expensive treatment at the hospital or emergency care clinics. A bar of soap to wash the hands is not expensive, but it plays an essential role in preserving your health and those around you.