How to Handle Your Anger

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How to Handle Your Anger

Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure, annoyance, and hostility. Everyone gets angry at some point but it t is dangerous if you cannot control it. Rage will take over making you a likely candidate for violence, depression or suicidal thoughts. The aftermath of anger affect relationships, health and job hence it is essential to get help and support for effective management strategies.

These options help in handling anger.

Over-the-counter and prescription medications

Several OTC medications and supplements help to improve mood and help in anger management therapy.

  • Valerian and primal calm herbal extracts that promote peaceful feelings and lowering of stress levels.
  • Chamomile and passionflower are taken in tablet form or tea for mood and support and reducing anxiety.
  • Benadryl an anti-allergy medicine that helps in reducing anxiety

The purpose of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help in recognition of negative thoughts that cause anger flare-ups. A mental health professional will teach you to manage stressful situations in a better manner. It will teach you to identify the circumstances or situations that cause trouble in your life and emotions surrounding the anger triggers.

Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment

Cognitive therapy takes 10-20 sessions. The sessions depend on the severity of symptoms, the time that anger symptoms have been in place, stress levels and support from family and friends.

Cognitive therapy takes 10-20 sessions. The sessions depend on the severity of symptoms, the time that anger symptoms have been in place, stress levels and support from family and friends.

Cognitive therapy offers quicker and longer lasting solutions. They can help you to:

  • Cope well with life situations
  • Deals better with a grief
  • Positive resolution of conflicts
  • Handle emotional stress caused by abuse, physical trauma or illness mentally

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Heart coherence training

It is a form of training that teaches specific techniques to monitor and alter heart rhythm. These methods enable you to increase mood enhancing hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone and reduce the level of stress hormones. Heart coherence training also helps in stabilizing autonomic nervous system to reduce physical effects of anger to the immune system. The outcome is that you get fewer feelings or irritation, stress, anger and tension.

Natural methods to manage anger

Do not hold grudges

Forgiveness is a powerful tool in preventing bitterness and negative thoughts. Forgiving someone who wrongs you can help both of you to learn from the conflict and strengthen your relationship.

Identify solutions

Think more about the methods to resolve issues at hand rather than focus on their aspects that make you angry. For example, if your partner is always late for dinner, change your schedule to late hours and plan more days to eat alone. Keep reminding yourself that anger is not a solution but something that worsens situations. For example, say that "I am upset by loud noise from your home" rather than "you are an inconsiderate neighbor."

Develop relaxation skills

Relaxation skills help in reducing the tension when temper flares. You can take deep breathing exercises, listen to soothing music, write an article or imagine that you are in a relaxing scene. Yoga poses also help in fast relaxation. Working out also helps to relax the body and mind.

Diffuse tension by humor

Lightening up helps in reducing anxiety and allow you to face whatever is making you angry. It also helps you to identify the unrealistic expectations that are causing anger to build up since you are unable to attain goals. Using humor should be a measure of sensitivity to avoid words that sound sarcastic as they will hurt the feelings of the other people and worsen things.

Controlling anger at times can become a challenge for anyone. It is essential that you know when your anger starts drifting out of control and get help.