Writing an Interesting Nursing Application

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Writing an Interesting Nursing Application

Members of admission committee read hundreds or thousands of essays. It is your responsibility to write one that they can remember hence you must make it enjoyable.

Since an admission essay is not like the typical academic essays, you can make it attractive by compellingly telling your experiences.

Tips to write an exciting nursing application

Write attention grabbing the first paragraph. A reader can only go through your whole application if you capture attention from the first opening sentences. Write the most exciting introduction. You can quickly get the attention of the readers by trying one of these approaches.

  • Start with a question, bold statement or quote.
  • Make the readers a part of your conversation by directly speaking to them
  • Summarize what you will discuss in your writing and what you will not for some instances. E.g. "I will not only mention but not discuss my grades since the detail is on my transcripts."

Reveal and maintain your personality

Introduce who you are and maintain your presence in the story by for example using the first person singular to prevent fading out from the content like a newspaper article writer who disappears behind the facts in the report. Write in your voice and discuss your personality more than other points as they can make the reader forget you, Write like you are talking to show what you think. Spice your story with humor but ensure that it is honest.

Use a conversational tome

It is essential to show your understanding of the nursing profession and the field you find interesting but you should avoid over-doing. Write as if you conversing with a close friend whereby your discussion is funny, smart and effortless. Avoid being too intellectual by stating your opinion. For example, you can write that your opinion is that if you train to become a travel nursing, it will allow you know about health care and frequent illnesses in other regions.

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Write from different angles

Your nursing application will stand out if you discuss issues differently from others. You can, for instance, try answering a prompt in another way from others. Telling an anecdote before revealing the reason for your interest in nursing will make your application to be different from the many with direct answers about the interest in nursing. If a prompt is about what you hope to achieve, you may also add some sentences on what do not hope to attain after nursing training.

"I do not hope to work in a healthcare facility like many people. I will work as a community nurse to assist in disease prevention," will be a wise way of providing information on what you are not hoping.

Ensure your application essay is readable

You can encourage your reader to give more attention by using simple to read font and diving your content into various paragraphs each with its idea.

  • Bold out the heading and subheading
  • Present the essay prompt in the opening
  • Spread content to prevent overcrowding at the top or bottom of your page
  • Use smooth margins
  • Separate the paragraphs with extra space and consistently by using block style or indenting from the introduction to conclusion
  • Align your text to the left margin

End with a memorable conclusion

The conclusion of your nursing school application essay should summarize the essential aspects t discusses but in different wording. End with a well-worded sentence that makes the readers feel emotional for them to remember it for a long time. For example, you end with a quote or powerful words from a story such the graduate nurse ended the speech with the word "I will serve my country."

Your essay cannot be interesting if it has mistakes. Proofread and make the necessary corrections.