How to Apply for Nursing School

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How to Apply for Nursing School

Applying to a nursing program takes place when you decide on the best program, ensure that you have the required high school grade (or degree for MSN or DNP program) and TEAS.

Preparation before application for nursing school

Before you begin writing your application, it is essential that you do the following:

Learn about the prerequisites

Look for information on the qualification for acceptance to a nursing school. It is crucial to understand the minimum high school grades or from another degree program and the cluster of subjects. Nursing programs will require applicants to have a specific score in Math, Chemistry, Biology and a particular grade for overall GPA score. Some degree programs need students to have an ADN degree for them to enroll BSN. Universities also have rules for transfer students or graduates who want to study a BSN as their second degree.

You should attend a nursing program information session that universities organize for prospective students to learn about application steps and training requirements.

Study the application requirements

Assign a few hours to look at application guidelines carefully to determine what you should present to the admissions board. They may require transcripts, supplemental materials, letters of recommendation and essays. An application essay is a requirement at many nursing schools since it presents the admissions board with something they can rely on to determine the personality, abilities, interest, and goals of each applicant. Some schools ask for an open-ended essay on the reason for interest in nursing whiles other provides a specific question for determining your position on a certain issue.

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Work on things that show your passion

Customize your resume to show your passion by including activities that demonstrate that you have been participating in events relating to healthcare such participating in walks to raise awareness on immunization or healthy diet. You should also mention volunteer work because it shows you are dedicated, person. You can volunteer at a hospital or clinic if you have not done it before to get a feel for the nursing duties and build up your credentials.

Writing A Nursing School Application Essay

After you prepare everything else, it is essential that to write an application essay to show who you are and the reasons why you deserve a place in a nursing school.

Write a fitting and interesting introduction

Your introduction should give the reader a glimpse of the discussion in the body of your application essay. Your opening should be persuasive to hook the reader from the start. You can make it easier to write the most relevant introduction by completing your application essay and writing it as the last part when you sure about the content in the body.

Write about your personality in-depth

Write about your most outstanding strength that makes you an excellent fit for a nursing program. Write about your life experiences that contribute to your current perception about nursing. Demonstrate that you have a plan to go through the training and the way you will put your new skills into practice. Make your application essay memorable by avoiding words, quotes, and phrases that people use frequently.

Answer all the questions and fulfill all requests in the admission criteria. The admissions office will view you as careless, lazy or in confusion if you skip the question and prompts. If you are not sure of something, you can send an email to seek clarification.

End with a memorable and positive note

End your application essay with a conclusion that does more than summarize the main points. You could for example end with a quote but not those that everyone will use or a short story. The conclusion should be positive by inspiring the readers even when the story does not have a happy ending.

Remember to proofread your application essay a few times and correct or the errors. You should present an error-free piece that showcases your communication skills. Submit your application before the deadline and take a TEAS (test of essential academic skills) if it is mandatory.