Supporting an Admission Essay with a Cover Letter

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Supporting an Admission Essay with a Cover Letter

A nursing admission essay describes the interests, qualifications, achievements and career goals. A cover letter explains contents of another document.

Role of a Nursing Application Letter

It is always good to write a nursing application letter for supporting your admission essay. It provides the admission staff with a better idea of why you wish to become a nurse. This letter also provides an insight into aspirations and goals of potential nursing students highlight the skills as well as the strengths of the applicant to a nursing school.

A cover letter is as important as the admission essay and resume. If you do it right, a cover letter is essential to get your foot in the door of a nursing essay. Since a cover letter is important, you should spend some time to research and plan the best way to a write an excellent cover letter.

Your cover letter should answer questions about your motivation and personal experiences that provide a helpful insight for the admissions staff. You can persuade them to select you as an applicant by showing that you can succeed in the program.

You should avoid the challenge by many students to write uniform and old-fashioned cover letters that everyone is likely to present. Writing a general cover letter will not intrigue the readers as they will read the same things they find in other cover letters. Make sure that you deviate from the conventional approach to use a unique formula that wows admissions staff and get you a place in a nursing school.

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Steps to Writing an Admission Application Cover Letter

State reasons why you want to become a nurse

Begin by describing the reasons for your decision to become a nurse. Various reasons contribute to the interest such as following the footsteps of your family member or inspiration from a nurse who cared for you. Research shows that students who a personal internalized connection to the nursing profession for better in nursing programs than those who consider it to be too external.

Set out your long-term goals

A nursing cover letter should state your long-term goals. State the specialty which you plan to practice such as an acute care, OR nurse, geriatric nurse. You may also inform the admission board about any intention to pursue further education. For example, if your wish is to pursue a bachelor's degree as the step to Master's and Doctorate or specialize in one area of nursing, this information should be in your cover letter. It helps to show that you have the motivation to study and get good grades to enable you to achieve your career goals.

List other experiences

A nursing application letter best describes you if it lists your experiences. Admissions boards have an interest in applicants who are serious about their goals by engaging in activities such as volunteering in healthcare facilities or caring for someone one. Since a cover letter is brief, a simple listing of your experiences without explanation is helpful.

Organize your thoughts

Organize your thoughts appropriately. You can have one or two thoughts that you explain well rather than many which jumble up. If you are discussing your interest in that nursing school and your past experience, each idea should be in its own paragraph.

You should also ensure that information for these sections is correct:

Date- Ensure you use the current date

Contact information- ensure that the contact information is correct and current

Correspondence- Ensure all information in the cover letter matches that is admission essay, other sections of the application and resume.

A cover letter is short but important hence you should proofread it thoroughly before submitting. Check grammar, the relevance of content and flow of the letter. Admission boards check ability to communicate hence basic mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar can cost you an admission.