Community Nursing Moving At A Slow Pace

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Community Nursing Moving At A Slow Pace

A report by the NHS revealed that most of the community healthcare providers have immense fear on staffing and current plans that have been put in place by the National Health Service. They fear that there would not deliver enough nurses to help in the realization of the QNI.

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Dr. Crystal Oldman the current chief executive of the NHS responded to the report citing that it asked several uncomfortable questions. She also reiterated that community services have, often, in the past been viewed with great respect by local people but they often lacked a national profile. Crystal observed that there was an apparent lack of understanding of the importance of community services and if the public wanted a health service that puts its investments in the promotion of healthcare, addresses the challenges that arise in supporting our public or whether NHS continues to spend its budgeted proportion on unplanned and emergency for the effective functioning of the whole healthcare system.

She also echoed previous warnings reported that several district nurses leading services in the community had fallen by more than 43% in the last eight years.