What Are The Must-Have Accessories For A Newbie Nursing Student?

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What Are The Must-Have Accessories For A Newbie Nursing Student?

You are accepted into nursing school after your application has been deemed successful. Good grades are not the only requirements in the school as there are must-have essentials that one requires to make your life easy. Eager to start learning? Here are some of the requirements needed: -

A planner

Planning is very important to help you have a smooth day working on your tasks. It needs to have a lot of space in it thus a lot of entries can be written on. As a nurse, you always want to remember everything assigned to you by your seniors. Here, you can write your notes, schedule events or meetings and even write important phone numbers.


Not everything that you see or has been taught by the lecturer can be easy to remember. Writing down all your lectures is a strenuous thing to do and tiresome. All this can be made simple with a voice recorder. It helps many students as it provides students with ease as they continue learning.


Having a study guide is also a better way of determining what information is the type of information one really needs.

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Use of Color codes

Color coding is helpful whenever it comes to matching an organization. The advantage of it is that you can assign colors based on what they usually represent or mean. For instance, one may use a Red color to show a warning. It can be best used on dates. Other colors such as Orange can be used for review purposes. It greatly helps in identifying something that needed more time to learn and understand or needed more assistance to it.

The Right Attire

Most nursing schools have guidelines on the types of clothes one is required to wear. It is advisable to check with your school on the types required, the brand material that is used so that you do not have the wrong attire for your use.

Ensure that the clothes you are to purchase have deep pockets as they are going to come in handy. Items such as pens, pieces of task-notes, notebooks, etc.

Also, many nursing schools require that one wears flesh-toned underwear which is designed to avoid panty lines.