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Nurses also get to travel the world as more opportunities arrive. If you are to be working with non-profitable organizations the chances for traveling are high as they are always high in demand. There are also traveling allowances depending with the type of job you are based on to. A lot of this organizations will also cater for your accommodation and food. There is a lot of room for learning new things daily. Depending on where you are based, situations will tend to be different. As days go by one to learn something new thereby expanding his or her knowledge.


Nursing is one of the many few careers that offer better job opportunities with more openings and the growing need for them. After completing their graduation, registered nurses have a variety of job areas to choose from i.e. either in hospitals, works as a clinical nurse, offer nursing home services or be legal nurse consultants.Registered nurse salaries vary and depend on the organization you are working for, the geographical location you are in and the level of experience you have on the job. Nurses who are highly specialized are paid more than the other counterparts. Other advantages include an insurance cover from your healthcare organization. It may be for health, life, etc.

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Nursing also comes with some disadvantages as not every day is always smooth. Politics is a major factor because of fewer funds from the government to sustain or pay our local doctors. There is a general lack of motivation and morale as the hospitals are always understaffed leaving nurses working short-handed making them exhausted and demotivated causing a crisis in the general health care as patients are left to suffer. There is a lot of physical demands that come with choosing this profession. Transferring of equipment’s in addition to the 12-hour shifts one is working on. Many nurses suffer fromphysical strain necks, sore feet as they tend to stand for more hours without having breaks. Nurses also work extra shift depending on the hospital they are based. Others are also required to work until the other nurse can be found to replace her. If you are to consider working as a nurse, long working hours should be a consideration before committing yourself to the job.

There are always saddening situations in the hospital. Good nurses always create relationships with patients, therefore, if your assigned patient passes can be tough for most people. You may also be on duty on weekends, public holidays and even get shifts to work at night. Most nurses prefer staying at the hospital to meet the shifts set by the hospital. Choosing a career in nursing has both its advantages and disadvantages. Deciding whether it is the right career is for you to spend the time to get to understand how their industry works.