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can aging be reversed?

Aging is the process of one becoming older involving several biological mechanisms that lead to a person’s health deteriorating physically and cognitive over time. Many of the people would love to stop the time, however, none of that is possible since it is beyond the field of medical science.

People who age experience both physical and cognitive health changes which include wrinkles appearing on one’s face, the growth of white hair, poor health, and many more. There are, however, ways of reducing the effects of aging and studies have backed this as their focus was on approaches and ways that will help stop the process that contributes to age-related diseases and changes of our physical experiences when one continues to grow old.

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Here are some of the causes researchers are proposing in the fighting of the effects that cause aging.

Researchers explain that the effects that are brought by aging are from many numerous genetic factors that influence our environment, and which differ from one person to another. They came up with a theory – the genetic aging theory which seeks to explain that the genes greatly influence our lifespan which we acquire from our parents like the color hair and the height of a person.

Many have confirmed the truthiness of the said theory as various studies have also shown that children tend to live longer if their parents have a longer lifespan. Some other examples like research from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute suggest how the aging process is influenced by mitochondrial DNA that was taken from environmental exposures during their lifetime to offspring which reduced their natural life.

It is suggested that the type of meals greatly influences a person’s aging. The food we eat, drink and even how much we exercise contributes because the world we live in today, are a lot of toxins that expose our health to serious risks.

Our body DNA is known for accumulating damage from environmental exposures since cells, although can repair themselves from the damage, can fail to do more in combating this issue. Oxidative stress is known to cause this issue since the body does not have enough antioxidants which can help fix the issue. it has been identified as a key player in the aging process.

A growing number of studies show that removing mitochondria in cells can reverse the aging process. Mitochondria offer cells energy, however, research previously conducted shows that it also increases oxidative stress. Elimination of mitochondria in the aging cells will reduce the number of cellular aging to levels seen in younger cells.

The other process of reversing aging is by eating well and having good physical exercises daily. Regular exercises have been known to offer adults better mobility and quality of life to the older population. Foods that are rich in high-protein load your body with antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin which increase collagen production hence reducing the appearance of wrinkles on a person’s face which can age you.

Anti-aging fruits such as kiwi, apples help refine the sugar-laden treats making the mind of a person healthier since it packs lots of vitamins reducing Alzheimer’s risk. Other factors like substituting beans for beef helps in improving the antioxidant status of aging brains thus increasing memory retention in humans. Avocados are rich in vitamin E and B that provide daily internal nourishment to a person’s skin cells. Potassium contained in these fruits help in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated hence slowing down the aging process.

If you are worried about aging, some of the steps one may take to reduce the wrinkles that appear on one’s face are by limiting the amount of alcohol intake daily. Alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin which can cause damage over time. Avoiding smoking will also speed up skin aging that causes wrinkles and a bad complexion.

So, is there a way of stopping aging?