How can family members play an important role in helping look after someone who is receiving palliative care?

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As for hospice care, it is different because it is given after the treatment for the disease is stopped and it is already clear the patient will not survive the illness. Both are similar as they give comfort but palliative care can begin as soon as the doctor provides a diagnosis. Therefore, the family does not have to wait for the bad news. They can start treatment and provide care as soon as possible.

Medical Care

Family members can ensure that the patients can get the right medical care. Whether that involves physical therapy or regular wound dressing and frequent scans and procedures. Families should do their best to ensure that within the time the patients are battling the various diseases, they give them the medical care they need if they well able. It is important to follow subscriptions, so this includes administering the right medication at the right time and preparing the recommended diet. At times, the care needed can be overwhelming and beyond the capabilities of the family, therefore if the need arises, hire a professional nurse. Hire someone who can help by facilitating the needs of your loved one. It can be as simple as a walk around the park or administering medicine and proper diet. It is all worth it.


When a person knows they are terminally ill, they are counting the days in their heads. They monitor time and think of death often. They think of life after they are gone and their home and family they are leaving. They think about what or who they will meet and how they can leave behind a good legacy. They also think about going peacefully. Without pain and discomfort. This is why at this stage it is important to distract them and make their days happier than they have ever been. Being surrounded by people they love can ebb away the sadness and depression. It is forgotten for a time and they can live in the moment.

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It is important to spend time doing what they enjoy most and this includes making sure they are not in pain. The right foods and medication can give them peace at a time when they feel overwhelmed. Being comfortable is so important because seeing the people you love in very sick can be so painful. Therefore, giving them your best can be the greatest gift for them at that time.

Family Obligations

If there are any pending and pressing family matters and obligations they wish to conclude, help them do it. When it comes to things like their properties, business and final will and testament, be someone they can trust and lean on. Run the errands they need and if it is possible, take them along with you. Let them be part of the process, and where they cannot be; be their advocate. Tie up loose ends and on their behalf seek only what is best for them to go in peace, thanks to your foresight.

Regular Schedule

Keep to their regular schedule, to give them a sense of normality. Take them to family events, order or buy the newspaper if they enjoy reading it in the morning. Take a stroll to strengthen their joints, or just get some fresh air to savor the little things. Look at photo albums and watch movies that will make you laugh. At the end of the day, it is the quality time that counts.