do and dont's of writing nursing admission essays

do and dont's of writing nursing admission essays

A nursing admission essay is a document that is a part of the admission process that applicants to a college or university's nursing program should write to express the reasons for interest in nursing and the nursing school. Most students find it difficult because there are many do and dont's of writing nursing admission essays

In the process of explaining the life experiences that cause an interest in nursing, applicants also portray their ability to think and write appropriately.Admission officers use the application essays to determine other non-academic qualities that make an applicant ideal for their school, the breadth of their knowledge in the profession and value of their aspirations after graduating.

An admission essay can make or ruin your chances of admission, and it is essential to know what to do and avoid when writing because it has do and dont's of writing nursing admission essays

Dos of Writing Nursing Admission Essays

1. Choose an intriguing topic

Many times, applicant get an opportunity to choose their theme. If you get this chance, take advantage and find the fascinating subject that you will find interesting to write. Pick a topic that matches the purpose you intend to achieve with your essay which could be to persuade, inform or educate. It is important to research for some supporting facts for reference on some aspects which you cannot explain. Make sure you cite appropriately.

2. Start early

It is essential to start writing nursing admission essays early even you are a creative writer. You need to know do and dont's of writing nursing admission essays and create ample time for brainstorming, free writing the first draft, preparing subsequent and final draft as well as proofread. Many students regret writing their admission essays at the last minute because they did not get enough time expressing themselves correctly or make improvements for the admission essay to portray the necessary perspective. There is no harm in writing early without undue pressure.

3. Be honest

Joining a nursing school requires incredible experiences, but if you do not have much to recount, it is important to only the little that shows your worth for inclusion in a nursing school. Sincerity shows that you have values, and someone can trust to take care of a patient. There is no need for exaggerating your story or making stuff up. Admission officers catch liars, and that will end halt your plans to join nursing. It is instead safe to explain the circumstances that place you in the situation. For example, you can show that caring for a sickly parent affected your grade but is the reason for your interest in nursing.

Don'ts of Writing Nursing Admission Essay

1. Do not copy others work

Lifting a personal story about another applicant reflects poorly on the character as it does not inform the admission committee about your distinct personality traits and ability to communicate. The admissions team will disregard your application for not using your writing style hence denying you an opportunity to learn your character.

2. Do not make grammar and language mistakes

Write formally without colloquial or excessively informal words. You should also avoid clich├ęs and idioms as many applicants could use them and you want to be different. You should also be careful about grammar and make sure that you profred the draft to find any errors. Do not use a spellchecker as it will not catch everything or could make wrong suggestions.

3. Avoid disregarding instructions

Do not fail to adhere to guidelines on length and prompts. Adhering to instructions is critical in nursing and obeying them in writing an application essay shows you can follow the rules when learning and practicing. Failing to observe word count will just portray as a careless caregiver.

4. Avoid uninspiring statements

When writing, remember the purpose is to sell your qualifications and skills but not to impress the intellectuals with complicated words, comments and statistics. Write like you are engaging in an ordinary conversation or it will be uninspiring to someone looking for personal interest story to read something that looks like a journal or lecture notes.

After writing, it is essential to double check everything before submission to find and eliminate any errors.

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