Career Opportunities for an International Student to Gain a Job in the Healthcare Management

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Research Ethics

Taking into account the importance of ethics in any research, the researcher (I), instituted the ethical principles that are acceptable in current modern scientific research. Therefore, basic policies and procedures were designed to ensure that the research subjects were safe and that sloppy or irresponsible behaviors were prevented. Owing to the fact that ignorance is not the defense here, the researcher had the duty to seek out and understand the theories and policies that are designed to bring upstanding research practices. These would then enhance the trustworthy, and considerations that the researchers were socially responsible to provide valuable results. It is important to note that this involved submitting them for peer review to be considered ethically and socially accepted. As widely noted, just when one part of the project is unethical the entire project may be considered to be in a sham (Centre for Bioethics, 2003).

As regards the authorship of the project, the researcher has taken a lot of considerations regarding the responsible authorship practices. This is with a view to preventing fraud and protecting the research project. Therefore, each person that will be listed in the research will be deemed rightly contributed to it. This regards the regulations offered by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), which demands that each person who is on the project should have substantially contributed on it.  This involves being responsible for drafting the   article and critically revising it as regards its intellectual relevancy. Nevertheless, the person should also have had a say on the final version. In this regard, there was majorly one researcher (I) to undertake all these. This is to imply that there was no a coauthor in the study (Centre for Bioethics, 2003).  .

As regards plagiarism, it is vital to inform readers that all thoughts, pictures, ideas, words, theories or stories that are browed from other sources will be dealt with a lot of integrity and trustworthiness. This will also mean that this paper will be unique from the others that have already been published.  From the above mentions, it is important to realize that it is not enough to claim that the author may still be the owner of the data collected and therefore the owners may be mentioned. Secondly there is an implication that a clear , ethically sound, responsible and carefully outlined plan should be enacted  for managing the collected data right from the research to eliminate improper collection methods and conflicts of interests (Centre for Bioethics, 2003).   

The research will also not produce any findings that are engulfed in conflicts of interests, but instead depict intellectual objectivity. Earlier before, the researcher tried to identify various sources that may prove potential conflicts of interests so that to confront them without harming or damaging the integrity of the results and therefore the objectivity of the study. To combat further, the factors that may cause the lack of objectivity; the study employed various peer reviewers to discover them (Centre for Bioethics, 2003).

On Data Management

This refers to the research ethics alluding to three important factors: ownership and responsibility for the data collected, ethical and truthful collection of data that is reliable and retaining or sharing the data collected (Centre for Bioethics, 2003).

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