Three Questions

On religious grounds Mr. Smythe, Baxters second client prefers meditation to narcotic analgesia as a way of relieving pain. As a patient's advocate Baxter should talk to the patient about the advantages of using narcotic analgesics but should not at the same time criticize the patient's choice, she should label the patient warning against the use of the same, she should also discuss the matter with the theatre staff pre-operatively so that they are well informed.

Question 3

Baxter's second client with bowel polyps is allergic to penicillin (cephalexin). Baxter is keen enough to pick this from the clients medical records on admission and takes an initiative to label the patient so as this can be brought to the attention of all health care providers, this is important because it will ensure that her client gets the right drug and, therefore, ensuring patient safety. Patient safety is very vital since it determines the health outcome of the patient. It is indeed vital to maintaining high standards of drug safety just like Baxter did.