The Nursing Center and Nurse Practitioners

My state's position on credentialing APNs

My state holds to great extent the crediting of advanced practice nurses. The practice of an advanced care nurse is of great value since it helps in influencing the practice of other nurses. Apart from the nurses, APN influences on the overall delivery of the health care systems as well as the care of the patient. Due to this fact, my State takes regulating of APNs with great interest and caution. This is because as an advanced practice nurse one needs to have advanced knowledge, clinical proficiency as well as be in a position of making independent decisions(De Geest et al., 2008).

My State regards licensing as a way of protecting the public especially from a number of the unsafe practitioners. As an advance practice nurse, the States expects the nurse to work within the scope of nursing. In my State, an advanced clinical nurse practice to the full scope with minimal supervision from medical personnel. Furthermore, apart from being allowed to work on the nursing domain, the law also allows them to extend their responsibility to medicine domain. Here they are able to write prescriptions as well as admit patients(Mick & Ackerman, 2000).


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