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Subject: Karen immigrants and mental health
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Karen Mental Health Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Karen Mental Health Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Karen Mental Health Civil unrests have become a common phenomenon in the recent past. This can be attributed to lack of political stability that is primarily contributed by the greed of certain politicians. Burma is one of the nations that is characterized by civil wars (Lall & South, 2013). The war is not only harming the economy but also has some adverse effects on the livelihood of the citizens. Displacement of innocent civilians is one of the effects brought about by the fighting. That explains why the number of refugees is increasing day by day at the Karen border. The ever-rising number of refugees has brought about the unending humanitarian crisis at the edge. The kind of suffering that these people go through is unimaginable. In conjunction with all other challenges, health is a primary cause of worry for the refugees. Majority of them have undergone suffering such that they contemplate suicide. The primary focus of the article is to come up with ways of identifying the mental disorders of victims of war before it is too late. A large number of the refugees are still in shock and have never come into terms with the proceedings of their life. The torture they have undergone has pushed them into depression. There exist several ways of detecting and identifying mental disorders among the refugees. The PTSD and MDD are the leading cause of worry for the health profession. Unfortunately, the existing methods are way too long to the point that no individual is willing to go for screening. The article, therefore, focusses on ways and the importance of developing quicker and shorter means of identifying individuals with the problem (Brink, Shannon, & Vinson, 2016). A particular population is picked to participate in the study, and cash incentives are given in return. The r