Theory And Nursing Science

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Subject: Theory Development in Nursing
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Theory Development in Nursing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Theory Development in Nursing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1. The Culture Care Nursing Theory In the early phases of nursing practice, the issue of culture and diversity had never been put into consideration. The predecessors did not even see the essence of cultures in nursing practice. It took the intervention of Leininger (Mixer, 2016) who was a nurse practitioner for it to be introduced into the profession. Throughout her years of service, she had noticed the wide gap that existed between healthcare and the respective cultures of the patients. Incorporating the aspects of culture and care have helped the nursing department in numerous ways. The theory involves various components among them education and research. In the past, the nursing curriculum did not count cultural diversity as part of it. However after the theory was developed, the practice has been recognized in practice. The same case never applied in issues of research. Researchers rarely involved the aspects of different cultures in their studies. It is regrettable that scholars do not embrace culture as a critical component of research. Additionally, nursing practice neglected the cultures of different patients in their line of duty. Culture care is one of the significant acts that has ever been introduced into nursing. Different groups are characterized by different cultures. Nurses are human beings just like the rest of the people. Introduction of the theory has brought some aspects of consistency and trust in the profession. Nurses are trained on how to incorporate the various aspects in the areas of jurisdiction. The theory has helped reduce the cases of racism and discrimination in practice. Similarly, nurses have learned about the art of involving the patients in determining the best form of treatment. Present day health care is more open and interactive thanks to the theory (Sagar, 2
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