Veterans Health: U.S. Military Culture And History

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VETERANS HEALTH: U.S MILITARY CULTURE AND HISTORY Veterans Health: U.S. Military VETERANS HEALTH: U.S MILITARY CULTURE AND HISTORY Veterans Health: U.S. Military Culture and History Name: Institutional Affiliation: Abstract There exists a cultural gap between military soldiers and civilians. The gap is bigger now than it has been before. America’s dynamic strategic outlook has resulted in the creation of a separate military world which is emotionally extreme, harshly results-oriented, and flinty contrary to easy going and increasingly peaceful civilian society. Individuals in these two cultures have increasingly different values and live drastically different lives. The change in the military culture has not been stirred by social development but by strategic developments. Historically, America’s Military has been pretty small with the main purpose of preserving a core of military expertise to facilitate raising up of a larger army of volunteers or conscripts which can be raised in a time of war. From America’s history, civilian culture and military culture have not been too different with a majority of the soldiers being civilians with a good heart. U.S Military Culture and History In America’s History, there has been a cultural gap between the military and the civilians. This gap is now widening and deepening than ever before. The link between the military and civilian culture is almost gone. The military has its unique culture in which soldiers willingly adopt. The military personnel chooses to embrace an all-volunteer force by adapting the military values which are different from the ones at the core of the civilian The civil society is founded on virtues of tolerance and friendliness. It is consumerist, comfortable, cushy, and gender neutral with the male aggressiveness kept to a minimum. The military world is different and is characterized by physically difficult, male-dominated, aggressive, discipline
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