APN Professional Development Plan

APN Professional Development Plan

Lack of expertise is not a valid excuse for not preparing a proper career development plan. The consequences of not planning for your future evident from several studies spanning different careers. A 2015 study by Sahwitri Triandania and Irien Violinda Anggriani in Indonesia is one such study. It shows that the advantages of career planning span different countries and cultures. Therefore, what should you do if you are not sure how to write a Professional Development Plan?

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Importance of having a nursing career roadmap

Studies prove that planning for your career development is necessary. But how exactly does it work out to your favour? One way planning manifests as a beneficial activity is that it helps individuals remain focused on their goals. This is true for careers beyond nursing. Single-mindedness creates an environment where dedication is easier and resources allocation is more concentrated.

Nursing students with measurable objectives tend to be more accountable to their goals - so to speak. It becomes easier to track success and failure as the line between these two outcomes is well defined. It also becomes easier to draw lessons whatever end of the divide a nursing student ends up at.

Developing a nursing career development plan reduces the anxiety and stress of professional life. Students who pursue planned careers are better placed to make proactive decisions and remain composed within a range of career outcomes. Conversely, nursing students who rely on reactive decisions with regards to their career may end up questioning their competency and interest in nursing because they are unable to anticipate the dynamism of the nursing profession.

Networking and an assessment of one’s own capabilities should feature in the APN Professional Development Plan. The latter aligns nursing careers ambition with skills, interests and values. The former presents avenues to mentorship and employment opportunities.

How APN Professional Development Plan encourages adaptation

Every career these days is faced with disruption. Nursing is also ever changing on many fronts and a student must draw up plans for responding to the changes. Legislation on the techniques and ethics of nursing practice are one such area. In the USA, nursing practice is described in the Nursing Practice Act and interpreted in a variety of ways by the States.

Nursing students are encouraged to pursue further education to stay at the forefront of nursing practice. Transitioning from a Registered Nurse to Advanced Nursing Practice is as detailed in the Professional Development Plan is one such pursuit. Attainment of education certification for a nurse goes all the way to the terminal degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.).

Technology is another area nursing students will be expected to stay at the forefront of in their professional lives as nurses. The APN Professional Development Plan describes how this will be done. Our writers, here at Nursingwritingservices.com, are registered nurses with insight on trends in this aspect of nursing practice and are ready to help you write this part of your nursing career development plan paper.


What are the requirements of attaining APN status anyway?

A nursing student is on track to become an APN because qualifying from an academic nursing program is the first step. And nursing is a broad field that accommodates individuals interested in either specialty courses or have a desire to become generalists. The academic nursing programs impart clinical knowledge and practice experience that are useful in the second step to APN status.

In the USA, the second step is licensure to become a registered nurse. This is possible through the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) which caters to registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) and practical nursing (NCLEX-PN). The passing standards are established from a candidate’s ability, an estimation of a candidate’s by a computer and a set pass mark. After this, one can apply for licensing from the State’s Board of Nursing.

The APN is attained when a student completes a post-graduate nursing program that incorporates competencies from the fields below:

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Anaesthetist

An APN is expected to be excellent at analysis, have management skills and contribute to improvement of nursing practice.