Complaints Policy values all feedback from the customers whether good or bad. We appreciate the time you spend to inform us about anything that you unhappy about us. Your comments will help us to improve and evolve. Customer feedback has been a significant part of building our current ethos and culture.

We place much importance on listening to you. We assure you that when you have a complaint, we do the best to resolve it soon as possible.


The purpose of this complaints policy is to set out the way to contact us if our service falls below your expectations and the way we will deal with your complaint. It also lays out your legal rights under the American Law.


If you have reservations about the quality of work we send you, please contact the amendments department with seven (7) days with much detail as you can about the possible problem.

If you send us an email about quality of your work outside the amendments period, please know that it is our discretion to offer any remedies under our terms and conditions. However; we always accord complaints outside the amendment period a similar level of attention as those emailed to us on time.

* Customers may extend the amendment period to 93 days when placing the order.


We try the best to acknowledge all emails sent during working hours on the same day.

At our busiest times of the year, we occasionally acknowledge emails sent during last two hours of a day on the next working day.


When we believe that you have a justified complaint, we will forward it to your writer for free amendment.

If we believe that a complaint has not justification but based on a relatively minor issue( For instance something you forgot to mention about your order such as a referencing style), we will pass it to your writer for amendment and cover much of the cost for extra work.

If we believe that you complaint has not justification, we will send you an email with reasons for our concerns or ask you to provide more information. We can consider amending your work for a small fee.

If we do not agree with you about your complaint, we will choose another expert to go through your work. The expert completes a pro-forma Assessment Sheet that we send to you upon completion. The cost of this report is upon If the outcome confirms justification of your report, we will ask your writer to make amendments free. If the outcome confirms that your complaint was unjustified, we shall contact you to try and reach an agreement as our overall objective is to satisfy our customers.

If a complaint is about work that we could not amend for example when the deadline has passed, we are going to investigate the claim in the same way we handle timely amendments requests. If there is a reason to believe that the claim is valid, we will work closely with you to reach an amicable resolution. We can provide a credit for a future order, a part or full refund.


If complaint is about a service that you receive from one of our departments, please use our enquiries email address to communicate your views. It might be necessary to mark your email for attention by a manager for one of our departments.

  • Customer experience
  • Quality control
  • Website
  • Human resources

If you are unsure about the right department to handle tour complaints or have an issue relating to a manager’s conduct, you should send your complaint to our Chief Operations Officer (COO).


We endeavor to acknowledge all the emails during working hours on the same day.

At the extremely busy times of the year, we occasionally attend to received emails in the last two hours of a day on the following working day.


Our first action is to direct your complaint to the correct department. We will then assign you a contact person to deal with your complaints up to the end. Usually this will be a department manager. You contact is responsible for acknowledging your complaint, investigate it and is likely to contact you for more information. The contact will keep you informed about any action we take and attempt to resolve this matter together with you as the overall objective is to ensure that we leave you completely satisfied so that you can return to us in future when you need similar services.


If you are unsatisfied with the attention to your complaint by our team, you can write to our COO. Send your marked complaint letter for COOs attention to our inquiries email address.


We are a United States registered company and subject to the US law. You can take your case to the country’s courts if you do not feel that we have been fair. Our hope is that no customer feels the need to take this action as we strive to ensure that we entirely satisfy our customers. For this reason, we request you to inform us about your complaints before you consider any other action.

Please remember that a court should be the last resort after exhausting all the available avenues. Legal action can be expensive and time consuming for every party. The courts are ever overburdened and dislike it when people waste their time-an example is when you issue a claim without first informing us about your unhappiness. For such cases, the courts can rule that you have not made an attempt to first resolve your dispute and might order you to pay our cost for the case even if you will win the case.

We maintain that your first step should be to contact us through email or your online account to provide the full details of your problem. Lay out the details of the order and the reasons that make you feel that your treatment was unfair.

If you do not get a reply within two (2) working days, call us immediately-it could be that we have not got your email so prepare the details of the person who you sent it to and the time you emailed. Find out from the respondent about the person who is dealing with your matter and when to expect a feedback. Ensure that you note the mane of the person who answers the call and the time you called.

When you do not get a satisfactory reply, contact our COO. Make sure that you get a personal reply or a call, if you do not, make a follow up by telephone. Ask for confirmation about receipt of your message and relay it again if the COO has not got it. It is an essential process to ensure that you give us a fair notice of your complaint and allow us to resolve it on your behalf.

If at this you feel that we have not dealt with this matter to your satisfaction, consider other ways of resolving it. Can we for example submit your matter to an independent expert for a decision? Try to propose a fair resolution for you and us.


We set out our terms and conditions that dictate the way we provide service to you in a contract (also called an ‘agreement’ since it signifies our agreement with you. Find this contract on website under ‘Terms and Conditions’ and there, is also a link on the bottom of an order form.

You have several legal rights under this contract. They include a right to:

  • Receive an order on time
  • Receive plagiarism free work meeting your specifications
  • Receive work of the quality standard you order
  • Get work amendments if you are not satisfied


Your contract with us is that we provide unique services hence you cannot cancel a contract after an expert starts working on your order. You do not have the standard seven days cooling off period applying to most contracts concluded at a distance. The Consumer Protection (the Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 permit exception when the performance of a contract begins with you consent before the end of the standard cancellation period, where we have given written confirmation and additional information before initiating performance of services. (It includes information that your cancellation rights end soon after performance of your contract begins).


We have our contract in plain English as much as we can. If you do not understand a part of it, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request for an explanation.

Regardless of the agreements in our terms and conditions, we aim at the entire satisfaction of our customers. For instance, the contract restricts request for amendments to just seven(7) days, but we frequently allow amendment requests outside this period and take necessary action if they are justified.