Capstone and Five Year Plan Presentation

Type: PowerPoint Presentation

Subject: synthesis of professional nursing

Subject area: Nursing

Education Level: Undergraduate/College

Length: 7 slides

Referencing style: APA

Preferred English: US English

Spacing Option: Double

Instructions: NURS 4580 Practicum: Synthesis of Professional Nursing

Capstone and Five Year Plan Presentation Guidelines and Grading Criteria

Purpose: Objectives 1. The purpose of the assignment is to provide students an opportunity to address how they met the Baccalaureate Degree Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), and to provide documentation regarding their plan for professional development in the next five years. 


The "Capstone and Five Year Plan Presentation" is a platform to display how students perceive that they met the Student Learning Outcomes as listed in the RN-BSN Undergraduate Nursing Studies Student Handbook. Further, students are to document how well they met the outcomes. The assignment is completed as a digital video presentation via Kaltura® video application, and a simple PowerPoint. Students record their explanation of the presentation. Students are encouraged to use their creativity in creating the slide show to express how and how well they met the programs' objectives, and to delineate their five-year plan.



  1. Students will create a multi-slide PowerPoint® presentation video. 
  2. The first slide is the Professional Biosketch with a professional photo. The Biosketch and photo must be of the quality and substance of one seeking a promotion or a new position in nursing. (Even if you have no intention of changing jobs). Not a Selfie or a 'Selfie angled' shot. Dress for success, get good light and have someone else take it. Pronounce “Baccalaureate” correctly.
  3. The next 5 slides: Students will obtain the Student Learning Outcomes listed in the Undergraduate Nursing Studies Student Handbook linked in Blackboard. (Or look at the Grading Criteria following. They are listed there, #1-7.)
  4. Students will review each Outcome, and list where the Outcome was addressed in the RN-BSN Program [where the student was able to meet/achieve the Outcome]. 
  5. Students will include assignments and course titles (Examples: the Resume Assignment for Transition/Integration, or the Assessment Video for Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment) as supportive documentation for each Outcome.
  6. For each Outcome, students will include their perception of how well the Outcome was met, with percentage.
  7. Note that two constructs are shared- Professional Roles & Lifespan: 7 Outcomes, 5 constructs.
  8. The 7th slide is the student’s 5 Year Career Plan.
  9. Students will use at least two professional resources (Program Handbook, BON website or Texas Nurse Practice Act, Specialty Certification websites, etc.), one for referencing the program outcomes, and the others for citing their professional development plan.
  10. Students will save this presentation as PowerPoint. Then students will create the Kaltura presentation. [Both will be uploaded into the dropbox].
  11. Students will limit the presentation to 8-10 minutes, and use Kaltura® video application to create the voice-over narration of their presentation. 
  12. Students will upload both the Capstone and 5-Year Plan PowerPoint, and Presentation (the one with the audio) into the Assignment dropbox features on Blackboard.