Ethical Principles

Type: RUA

Subject: Professional Issues in Pediatric Nursing

Subject area: Nursing

Education Level: Undergraduate/College

Length: 1 pages

Referencing style: APA

Preferred English: US English

Spacing Option: Double

Instructions: only complete section b. "ethical principles" use article enclosed use at least 4 ethical principles as they relate to the article such as autonomy, fidelity, beneficence, justice, nonmaleficence, advocacy ect.

Focus: b. ethical principles -20 points/20% • brief description of ethical principles (may cite textbook). i added textbook below • applicable ethical principle(s) to support the pro position are used. • applicable ethical principle(s) to support the con position are used. • discussion of which, if any, ethical principles are in conflict with the opposing positions. • discussion supported by scholarly sources.

Structure: (text book) hockenberry, d.w. m. wong's nursing care of infants and children. [vitalsource bookshelf]. retrieved from[removed]/

Important notes: this is a group project. the topic is chronic disabilities i've enclosed an article to be used on the subject. section b only