Holistic Approach

Type: Assignments

Subject: Health Promotion Across the Life Span

Subject area: Nursing

Education Level: Masters Program

Length: 1 pages

Referencing style: APA

Preferred English: US English

Spacing Option: Single

Instructions: for this assignment, you will be creating a holistic approach pamphlet. imagine if you had a patient that came into your office, resistant to the prescribed treatment, asking for an alternative option. create a pamphlet that you could provide to this patient highlighting holistic therapies. include the following information: from the holistic therapies you are aware of, identify one that applies to the community needs you have identified. (something that has to do with heart disease) how could you integrate this holistic modality into care provided in your community? would it be applicable across variables such as age, culture and disability? consider barriers within the community that might interfere with improving health behavior outcomes and address. consider whether there are community resources designed to address the community needs you identified and help patients overcome barriers and minimize risk behaviors (i.e., health promotion media, handouts, support groups, etc.). if there are no resources available within this community, think about the resources that could be offered at clinics and other community locations. requirements create a pamphlet discussing a holistic approach, answering the above questions. tips to creating a professional quality pamphlet are listed below: determine your pamphlet format brainstorm the content-make sure you are answering all the questions above! pick a suitable template use color to grab attention choose graphics and typography clean up any clutter. please make sure to follow apa guidelines. include references. have fun! be creative.