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Sample NUR331 Assignment


Order title:the pathophysiology of the dysfunctional organ systems, the priority management, the supports to address disadvantages, and a critique of the safety and quality of care provided.


case scenario:

jeb (they/them) is an 18-year-old admitted to the emergency department. jeb was recently diagnosed with insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus and takes 50 units of insulin a day. the day before, jeb was out partying and drinking alcohol with their friends. when jeb arrived home, they were vomiting and not able to eat. jeb has not had any insulin for over 24 hours. the emergency department doctor has reviewed jeb and diagnosed them with diabetic ketoacidosis (dka).

within the written submission, you will need to discuss the pathophysiology of dka. you will also discuss the nursing assessments and interventions you would provide to jeb. you must justify your responses and nursing care with the literature and link it to the nsqhs and nmba standards and the social determinants of health.

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use either arial, calibri or times new roman font. the font size must be size 12 with the line spacing at 1.5.

use a cover page that identifies the course code and name, assessment task title, and student name and number.

dka is a complex disease process that has many concepts. in week four, within the learning materials and in the tutorial, you will be provided with an overview of dka. during subsequent weeks we will be pulling out and breaking down those major dka concepts to help you gain an understanding of them.

the following word counts are a guide. the final count for this assessment is +/-10 words.

you must use apa 7 referencing guidelines. i would expect 8-10 references that are less than seven years old. these references should include at minimum aihw website, textbooks, journal articles, adult clinical guidelines, nbma, and nsqhs standards.

please use the following template to structure your responses:

introduction (250 words)

include an introductory statement about the case study. briefly describe the context of the discussion. advise the reader on what the paper will focus on.

pathophysiology (300 words)

identify, analyse and apply the pathophysiology for the case study. justify your responses with the literature.

assessment and interventions (700 words)

identify and prioritise nursing assessments and interventions. justify your responses with the use of literature.

social determinants of health (500 words)

please consider a social determinant of health or a health inequality for jeb. please choose one. discuss what you would do as a registered nurse to assist jeb in overcoming that barrier.

discussion (500 words)

tell me how you would evaluate your nursing interventions. justify your actions to the nmba and nsqhs standards.

conclusion (250 words)

what is the conclusion from the information that you have researched for this case study? no new information is provided in the conclusion.