What Are Nursing Schools Looking For In Your Admission Essay?

What Are Nursing Schools Looking For In Your Admission Essay?

What Are Nursing Schools Looking For In Your Admission Essay?

An admission essay showcases the reason for interest to attend an institution, the qualifying achievements, and goals. Your bid for admission will only succeed if you can write an essay that impresses the selection committee

Nursing schools will look at the admission essay to determine the following:

1. Your dedication to nursing

Nursing schools want to train students who can show passion and ability to become competent as it is rewarding to teach someone who will add something to the profession. You can demonstrate your interest by providing examples to show how you have been an active participant in events that help others and willingness to serve the community. You can, for example, mention that you serve as a volunteer and an annual medical camp by an organization. Ensure that the examples you provide are genuine. Your academic achievements are essential, but these have more space in different parts of the application. Do not swell on them but in the way they relate to your desire for nursing career and how school experience generated your interest. Nursing is service profession hence you should show your interest goes beyond getting a degree.

2. Ability to tell your story

Nursing schools want to train students who will use the acquired knowledge to make a difference in care giving. You must demonstrate your ability to make a difference in other people's life. Telling a personal story is the best way to show. Choose the most appropriate words for articulating the significant events in your life that led to a decision to write a nursing school application.

The inspiration could be about an event where you saw the nurses at their best when helping to provide treatment and comfort to patients or an event that showed patients could have got better treatment if there were more nurses. Provide the reasons for you motivation prefer ensuring over other professions and the drive to succeed. It helps the admission board to see why you are the student with qualities that they need. You can also discuss someone who inspired you to be a nurse.

Activities such as helping aged relatives through illness, volunteering for healthy food handouts in high need countries or interaction with a compassionate community nurse are some of the situations the demonstrate passion and care.

3. Communication skills

The admissions officers do not personally know and it only your essay that can show if you are passionate about nursing. Your admission essay should express your interest and qualifications briefly hence you should demonstrate the ability to combine several ideas in a sentence. An admissions essay should reflect a command of college-level vocabulary. An admission essay should express ideas clearly as possible but not show knowledge of complex vocabulary. Use simple language most of the time unless you need to use terminology for explaining something relating to your chosen discipline. Advanced vocabulary will make your admission essay pompous but the selection committee, but you may fail to communicate efficiently or create an impression that you belong to a language but no nursing school.

4. Adherence to the prompts

Admissions board wants to have a reason for providing a prompt and expect applicants will adhere to instructions. If the nursing school wants you to present an essay of not more than 500 words, does not exceed or go lower than 450. Try to reach the exact number of words and pages. Narrow, the focus of your admission essay by writing concise personality revealing information. Include just the necessary information so that you do not use 20 words when five can do. A "why" question requires an answer showing the reason for interest in the nursing school and profession while a "who" question is about yourself.

Nursing schools receive thousands of admission essays and look for original and captivating essays. If you present an essay with the same content they read every day or something that does not reflect who you are, it will be a reason for rejecting your application.