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Evidence based practice project(EBP) is the conscientious use of current best evidence in making decisions about patient care. It is problem solving approach to clinical practice and administrative issues that integrates few other things such as:

  • A systematic search for and critical appraisal
  • One's own clinical expertise
  • Patient preferences

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An EBP should document and demonstrate engagement in research, evaluation, and use of evidence. It should help to address patient satisfaction, safety, and administrative issues. Nursing practise has many EBP. Some of them are:

Measuring blood pressure in children

Nurses should take blood pressure according to evidence-based practice as accuracy is crucial for effective treatment. Measuring a child’s blood pressure is different from the procedure applied to adults. Measuring blog pressure in children requires the use of auscultatory method then compares the measurement against date from the oscillometric method.

Alarm fatigue and nurse response

Nurses on duty hear many alarms, and it can make them insensitive to the sound. Many healthcare devices such as ventilators, cardiac monitors, vital sign machines and infusion pumps have audible alarms. Patients have alarm switches at their bed side to press when they need attention. All the alarms in a health care facility are essential but over 90% of the times they go off, it is not an emergency. Unfortunately, a nurse who is tired of frequent alarms might turn off the volume only for an emergency to occur. There are cases of patients who lost lives because nurses who were affected by alarm fatigue did not know that a patient was in distress.

Infection control

A patient does not expect to end up with hospital acquired an infection. Nurses have an important role in preventing infections at hospitals by adhering to Evidence-Based infection control policies. These include wearing protective clothing, maintaining hygiene and washing handing with disinfectant after handling a patient. Nurses are busy, but it is worth taking a few minutes to control infection. 


EBP is important as it aims at providing most effective care available to improve patient outcome. It promotes an inquiry attitude among health professionals and makes them ask if their evidence that can guide them to work more effectively. A part of providing professional service by health professionals is ensuring that best available evidence informs their work. Evidence Based Practice plays an essential role in ensuring wise use of limited health resources and that there is consideration of all the relevant evidence when making decisions on funding health services. Before EBP, health professionals were relying on advice of their more experienced colleagues and what they learned at school. Experience is subject to flaws and lessons from class might be outdated. Relying solely on knowledgeable colleagues might lead to receiving incorrect information. Clinical information is still important and in fact a part of EBP. Nonetheless, it will only be fully effective when nurses use it with other types of evidence based information.


Choosing competentnursing evidence based practice writing help can be difficult especially when writing the first evidence based practice paper. A nice way is to pick a topic and test it using a relevant and focused PICO method.

  • Focus on common clinical problems that are familiar with your instructor
  • Basic search in your areas of interest
  • Finding of a PICO method test to determine the relevance
  • Research on existing literature to determine what is existing about the topic

These are some of the topics to consider for a nursing evidence based practice.

  • Benefits of shared decision making to patients
  • How work environments contribute to patient outcomes
  • Significance of staff communication to patient safety
  • Best hygiene method in hospitals
  • Preparation practices for an epidemic
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