Nursing Scholar

  1.     How can you promote the image of the nurse as a scholar?

Nurses are indisputable healthcare professionals with a lot of skills and knowledge. Nonetheless, the public rarely values the competence and skills these professionals have acquired through innovation and education (Ten Hoeve, Jansen, & Roodbol, 2013). Since the nurses have self-created their public image and professional identity, their work environment, public image, education, work values, and cultural and social values. To this effect, nurses need to intensify their efforts to communicate to the public about their professionalism. This can be pursued through YouTube and social media; therefore, making them visible. The nurses should utilize strategic positions including nurse educators, case managers, and clinical nurse specialists to maximize their professionalism. This will demonstrate to the public that their work is beyond medical care.

The nursing scholars’ future programs focus on establishing a diverse cadre of Ph.D. prepared nurses who have to affirm their commitment to long-term leadership careers. Such programs would help the nurses to advance science and discovery using research. Therefore, strengthening nursing education can transform the image of nurses. Scholarships will help redefine the nursing profession because today’s work environment is dynamic (Conard & Pape, 2014). Therefore, scholarships provide the best opportunity to transform nursing into a respectful profession through the use of Boyer’s Model of Scholarship.

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  1.     What are the potential consequences of changing the image of the nurse from caregiver to a scholar?

Transforming the images of nurses from caregivers to scholars will enable these professionals to become exemplary nurse leaders who can change healthcare throughout the country. This will ensure these nurses inspire the next generation and build the health culture in the society. Since the scholarship will incorporate overlapping and interrelated domains, such as teaching, application, integration, and discovery, nurses will improve their roles in academia and practice (Conard & Pape, 2014). Therefore, nursing will get the opportunity to participate in policy formulation and development.


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