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A nursing capstone project is a paper that students submit at the last weeks of the final semester in their nursing degree program. It involves identification of a problem existing in a specific setting and develops a solution by applying the skills and methods learned through the program.It is a research-oriented project at the end of a degree program on a topic that a student chose to write. A capstone project intends to identify a problem in real life outside the classroom settings and research from different sources for the right way of solving it. It is a culmination of intellectual and academic experience that promotes critical thinking by students for them to find a solution. The students also demonstrate communication skills which are essential in informing the readers about the reasons the reasons for the specific conclusion. A nursing capstone project is critical for any student as it helps to show that an understanding of the subjects learned over the years and ability to translate clinical knowledge to skills. Writing a nursing capstone project paper which starts with defining a topic and submitting a proposal to the advisor can take up to ten weeks. It overlaps with another end of the degree program. To purchase nursing capstone project online is a helpful option if you writing your project is becoming inconvenient.


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