Respiratory Discussion Board Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation ____________ Respiratory Discussion Board Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation ________________ Discuss the Mr. barley’s history that would be pertinent to his respiratory problem. Include chief complaint, hpi, social, family and past medical history that would be important to know. For a period of one month, Mr. Barley had been having a cough which gets worse as time passes as well as breath shortness. During the morning hours, his coughs worsen than during any other time of the day and are accompanied by some white phlegm. He had observed similar symptoms a year ago. However, his weight has not decreased nor has he had a fever. Despite being a farmer and working under lots of chemicals, he always wears protective gear to avoid inhaling dangerous gases. Also, he has been smoking approximately 40 packets in a year until last year where reduced the intake by a half. Also, he does not take excess alcohol. Recently, he has not travelled thus he has not been exposed to the tuberculosis virus. He has not experienced the swelling of legs. His family has only had a history of hypertension and stroke only and no other serious disease. 1) Describe the physical exam and diagnostic tools to be used for Mr. barley. are there any additional you would have liked to be included that were not? After a physical examination on Mr Barley, the results depicted that his AP diameter had enlarged, at the bottom of the lungs there were inspiratory crackles, he experiences breath shortness as well as end expiratory puffed diffusely. A pulmonary function test is recommended since it is the most effective for the diagnosis of COPD. An X-ray for the chest is also recommended to determine if there is another cause of his condition. Finally, a spirometry test should be done by the physician, for asymptomatic patients, spirometry should be used to test for COPD. There no additional test I would recommend as the above test enough for COPD. 2) What plan of