Successful medicine personal statement examples


If taking good care of people’s health, monitoring on the wellbeing of families and outreaching the community are among the prerequisites necessary to become a nurse! Then I wouldn’t hesitate to be such a person. Yes, I already understand that nursing is a very reputable profession in the world of careers, and as the legal authorities like International Council of Nurses states,” Nursing is a profession founded upon the social contract that demarcates professional rights and responsibilities as well as the mechanisms for public accountability” (Patricia, D., 2009).It is from this pretty noble principle that I got the reason to present my case in this paper, for the authorities to candidly and unreservedly confirm on my daring potentials in this very nursing profession.

Skills and Ambitions

Like many other people in the field, I also have my peculiar skills and attributes. A skill as per my opinion is the proficiency and the ability to do excellent where excellence is a necessity. I may have many skills, but at least a few are unique to me. Their very uniqueness is what makes them my attributes. Not every day we come across people with professional nursing skills, leadership skills, ability to speak an extra language besides the native they are used to, possessing both the skills of a team leader and a team player, goal oriented and very innovative in problem solving and conflict resolution.

I speak Tagalog from Philippines as my second language. A second language I understand is one of those qualities being sort for by many employers. An individual who can speak to wider population demographics and to many clients can not be matched with those who are narrowed to one language, therefore limited in communication. Why should I even emphasize when the truth is glaring at me in the eye.

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Leadership skills! I am good. I got it all; you can talk of problem solving skills, being a team leader, a team player and so on. I will truly fit in well as a preferable leader. With such attributes as highlighted here, I will be available to do volunteer work and to devote myself selflessly in community outreach programs.

Aspirations and Career Ambitions

The journey is long, as to be certified to become a professional nurse anesthetist is no joke. The extensive trainings and certification processes may sound too demoralizing to those who have no business getting in touch with the community health problems. If reaching out for the community constitutes part of my dreams, then I believe I am well placed in my dream profession, which is to become nothing less than a professional anesthetic nurse. I am striving to live this decent dream.

In my endeavor to pursue this dream, I have critically strategized the means to determine the end. In this strategy, I have clustered both the short and the long term goals. I know that before I even imagine going that direction, I mean, becoming a nurse anesthetist and/or a family practitioner, I got to certify the national board of examiners. So, this really form part of my short term goal. In my long term goals, things are a bit encouraging, as I will be looking forward to participate in the community outreach programs, independent prescription of medications, getting involved in seminars and conventions, and not to exhaust this list, becoming an expert in administering anesthesia.

Experiences in Health matters

Candidly, and for the purposes of professional integrity, my experiences in health matters are still not worth showing off. Not surprising that some will brag of working at Supply Department –San Diego Hospice, and at the Institution for Palliative Medicine. I work at these places, but this haven’t offered me the necessary experiences in my professional line, so I simply have no much professional experience yet in health matters.

However, I do have a remarkable personal experience. I got my personal experience on health matters when my father got hospitalized. I was available to assist him in every possible way, not necessarily because of the blood relation, but out of my curiosity of acquiring at least a craft of the nursing experience. So I treated my dad more like a patient brought to a nurse than a daughter to a father, with much tender and care.

Future Plans in Withering the Academic Storms.

My plans for managing the rigorous trainings and loads of academic programs are well thought out. Besides my extra skills in managing time and working on well organized schedules, I also get the sincere support of my boss, friends and officemates, all happy about my career ambitions in life. With their heart-full supports of well wishes, I am confident I will cross the bridges. Sky is the limit for me.


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