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America and Terrorism in the 21st Century

Week 8 Follow Up Post

America and Terrorism in the 21st Century

The author starts by mentioning the major terrorist attacks the US has suffered beginning with the World Trade Center (WTO) attack in 2001. Since then the US has taken the initiative to rid the world of terrorism by fighting against terrorists and their sponsors through means such as: increased sanctions against state sponsors of terrorism, new criteria for securing nuclear installations, airports, and government weapons makers from terrorist assault. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) top objective is to eliminate international terrorism, even as the threat from terrorism continues to grow and become more sophisticated (Silva et al., 2020). The US leads the rest of the world responding with an unprecedented coalition against international terrorism in order to keep their people safe and protect them from harm. 

The writer points out that the US has taken measures to help protect America and the world against further terrorism by strengthening homeland security and intelligence efforts; implementing tighter airline security measures; and protecting America’s mail as well as seizing terrorist financial assets and disrupting their fundraising pipelines (Robillard, 2021). The author concludes by noting that the US military has succeeded in destroying terrorist training camps; their command and control sites and have captured; killed terrorists while pursuing those on the run and that if the US were to relax its war on terrorism, the situation could worsen.

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