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BSN Reflection Paper

Instructions: hello, this assignment is mainly about writing a reflection paper regarding the bsn program i am doing which is the wgu. i really do not have time to finish this. i will include a sample paper from my friend who recently just finish this course. i just want you to answer the questions similar to her but still different wording, if you know what i meant. so i will include two attachments, one is the questions and one is the sample answers. thank you please let me know if you have additional questions thankyou.

BSN Reflection Paper



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  1. Mission Statement

In pursuit of attaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, my mission statement is to utilize my nursing skills and experience towards the improvement of healthcare services in my community. After becoming a registered nurse I will ensure that my mission is in line with the objectives of the hospital that I will be working for which will be part of my personal goals. Among the areas that I am currently focussing on include completing various training related to nursing practice, excellence in education, and nursing leadership. One of the things that I will be highly sensitive about is my commitment to ensuring quality care is provided to patients and the communities. I believe that with my mission statement, I will be able to develop a great strategy that will ensure all activities are driven toward my selected goals. 

  1. Professional Summary


When it comes to artifacts in my portfolio, this is evidence that my BSN has prepared me well enough to become proficient in various areas of professional nursing practice which includes nursing areas like patient safety, evidence-based practice, nursing research, quality care, nursing and leadership, and community health. One of the areas that interested me is nursing leadership where I was able to discover a healthcare concern in regard to the unit that I was working on. In collaboration with other members of the team, we came up with practical solutions supported by evidence. With the well-organized units, I was in a position to examine the health status of patients and the communities, while also applying my theoretical knowledge in the process to enable me to become an experienced healthcare professional.

Professional strength

They allow me to examine the health status of the patients and the communities effectively. My theoretical knowledge represents me as a quick learner and a reliable healthcare professional.

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Professional Strength

One of my professional strengths is the ability to create awareness of the need to provide high-quality and patient-centered care in my working environment. Through my artifacts, I have also been able to achieve other strengths like clinical reasoning, cognitive knowledge, compassionate patient care, teamwork, and communication. Cleaning reasoning enabled me to provide the right levels of patient care with few levels of complication. With the ability to maintain patient safety, there was convenience through the right levels of clinical reasoning. Also, cognitive knowledge skills were able to help in structuring different patient and individual challenges in regard to what I knew. With ethical and professional artifacts, this ensured that I worked well with the healthcare team and patient, which is vital in establishing areas for quality care and patient safety. Dignified conduct continues to inspire me as a nurse to be committed to patient care by establishing a good environment. Compassionate patient care is about empathizing with the patient’s situation and ensuring that quality care strategies are geared towards reducing these levels of patient pain and suffering. The development of communication skills means that I am now in a position to actively listen to my patients, relay information during shifts, and provide a clear summary of the patient's condition to the physician, doctor, or patient's family. My professional strengths thus continue to be very vital to me as they ensure that I can be an all-around nurse, helps me reduce the likelihood of nursing errors know how to work my way through the hospital. 

Challenges during the BSN program

Among the challenges that I encountered during the program included a lack of time to meet with the faculty, aligning nursing education to nursing practice, and challenges with the current healthcare technologies. I would however learn ways to overcome these challenges through consultation and seeking help whenever I found it difficult. For example, working in the program calls for energy, commitment, time, eligibility, and skills. In aligning both nursing education and practice, I remained committed and energized my passion to overcome them through gaining internal willpower that also encouraged me in the management of time and ensure that I met all the required competencies. In regard to meeting with expert nursing faculty, due to my busy schedule and their busy schedule, this was mostly done virtually through emails and chats where they would help me address issues regarding my module progress. I was also able to get responses from my mentors which was very helpful. In regard to the use of new technologies, I had to attend a technical training course which eventually became helpful. 

Program outcome

One of the outcomes that I am grateful for is that as a nurse, the BSN program improved my communication skills with the healthcare team and the patient; this is very important in promoting patient concerns. Currently, I can community through interpersonal, electronic, written, and oral models. With the well-organized modules, my nursing care areas were also well improved which also ensured that I applied clinical reasoning. The program covers nursing practice in different areas such as supporting the nursing student with skills related to clinical, theoretical, and empirical knowledge from various disciplines which includes the community, scientific approaches, nursing care, and humanity. Through the BSN program, I was able to also gain skills regarding evidence-based practice, and raising awareness on genetics and genomics which is a very vital aspects for the communities to whom I provide my nursing care services. I am also grateful to have gained more skills regarding the use of information and computer technologies in nursing practices, as the future of the nursing profession will require us to use these tools more often, especially in monitoring and evaluating patient progress, within the hospital and out of the hospital setting. 

Fulfilling different roles

Scientist – In fulfilling the role of a scientist, I participated in evidence-based inquiry through the development and delivery of an evidence-based research project. At this, I made use of qualitative, quantitative, systematic, and analytical models in my area of interest.

Detective – I fulfilled the role of a detective, during my course, I visited different healthcare systems and communities where I asked questions about finding a solution to an existing professional nursing care problem and challenges. 

Manager of the healing environment – In fulfilling this role I was able to develop a sense of working in a harmonized manner and come up with a peaceful and respectful interdisciplinary environment. 

B. Quality and Safety

1. Professional definition

Regarding quality and safety, I looked at the actions that a nurse takes to ensure the process of treatment reduces patient pain and suffering in addition to patient safety. Through the BSN program, as a nurse, I am required to ensure quality and safety through comprehensive care. The Western Governors University department of nursing philosophy, informs that the care interaction between a nurse and the patient is what makes nursing care complete. This is related to my view on quality and safety which ensures that I strengthen my skills in establishing a strong and working nursing environment as a strategy for health promotion. Through the program, I have gained more skills in quality care and safety, especially in regard to ethical decision-making, the development of nursing care plans, and improving communication between nursing staff and nurses' patients. 

2. The importance of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) certificate for my future role as a professional nurse 

In regard to my future role as a professional nurse, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement plays a very important role. First, it provides me with the main requirements that I need to deliver quality and safe patient care (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2022). A nurse is required to participate in research where he or she inquires about different actions and provides proof through knowledge, evidence, and daily practice. As nurse practitioners and leaders will are also required to execute leadership in patient decision making especially on the issue regarding treatment approaches, care, and end of life. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement thus gives me the skills and guidance to implement these vital aspects. It is also very important to ensure developments in nursing specialties including institutional and organizational development. 


Professionally evidence-based practice is the application of proven nursing practice approaches through the latest clinical research and medical literature. With respect to my BSN program, there is a lot of emphasis on applying the evidence-based practice in nursing as it has proven to improve levels of patient safety and quality care. 

Evidence-based practice to me is about applying the necessary knowledge in patient care. Evidence-based practice is important as it applies proven approaches to nursing practice in regard to believability with the said research questions. In regard to my artifacts, we had a complete module on evidence-based practice in nursing where I applied different research designs in developing a solution to an identified research problem. My area of interest also saw an improvement in quality care and the safety of the patient. This indicates that evidence-based practice was very effective as I was able to adopt it and apply it to the healthcare systems. 


Applied leadership looks at how nurse use leadership skills in carrying on their duties, communicating with patients, and ensuring better decision-making. I implemented applied leadership through the promotion of workers' self-esteem and improvement of their proficiency. 

When it comes to learning leadership experiences, this was done through collaboration with healthcare professionals, my mentors, and the exchange of opinions regarding care and support for patient processes. Teamwork was also evident in regard to the reduction of conflict and nursing errors and ensuring proper shift management. 


Community health is about ensuring that nurses and other healthcare practitioners are at the forefront of advocacy against the spread of chronic diseases within the community. This is done through the implementation of primary health intervention measures and the reduction of health inequalities. Nurses participate by educating the communities on lifestyle changes, care plans, and prevention strategies for chronic conditions. Patients will also be encouraged to be in charge of individual welfare as required. 

Community and population health task summary

In regard to the community and population health task, most of the work entailed behavioral aspects. The task also entails the use of different resources such as worksheets, display boards, and schedules as applied to portray data as affiliated with different states, dependencies, procedures, and conditions. The hypothesis is aimed at addressing different perceptions of nursing like the environment and community aptitudes. This in the end supports the societies and the health of citizens in establishing community projects. 

Importance of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) certificate for my role as a professional nurse

In regard to my future role as a nurse, the AMNH certificate will be a link between genomic data and the patients as a strategy for understanding different medical condition phenomena and thus coming up with a better strategy of care (American Museum of Natural History, 2022). Acquiring the certificates will also mean that I have the right skills to comprehend fundamental factors in regard to genetic and fatal conditions for patients with different healthcare issues thus coming up with a solution for future decisions for the patient. 


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