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Title: Change theory in project management

Instructions: read the mitchell (2013) article listed in the required reading list. leading change is an important part of successful project execution and implementation. the nurse leader and project manager should be intimately familiar with a particular change theory that serves as the framework for leading the change represented by a project. identify your "go-to" change leadership framework and discuss how you will use that framework to guide organizational change.

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Leaders in the nursing field assist in changing some of the methods used, making the work easer and comfortable for these a leader must have  strategies in archiving changes in the organization some of this strategies or change models includes unfreezing, moving, and refreezing. Unfreezing means to examine status quo to increase driving force for change, moving is to take action make changes involving people, and refreezing makes changes permanent establishing new way of things (Mitchell, 2013).   One of the leadership styles includes democracy.

Democracy theory

Democratic leadership scholars risk overlooking the affinity between specific forms of political leadership and democracy, on the one hand, and how it develops in socio-political circumstances. This chapter, by contrast, is a tradition of developing the theoretical and empirical relationship between different leadership styles and various democratic models. The central question is: what does democratic leadership mean in various kinds of democracy (Mitchell, 2013).  

Several scholars conducted insightful analysis that shaped our understanding of the connection between leadership and democracy. But the theoretically diverse understanding of democracy and empirical diversity in democratic systems are still not inherent in most of these measures. The discussions about democracy-leadership tendency are rather one-dimensional because they tend to focus on conflicting aspects of the leadership-democracy relationship (Mitchell, 2013). 


 Mitchell, G. (2013). Selecting the best theory to implement planned change. Nursing Management20(1).

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