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Diabetes Management





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Diabetes Management

The purpose of this project is to seek approval for a new approach toward the community of diabetes-affected populations. The main scope will be to offer health coaching nursing incorporated with skilled nursing to the diabetes population. This unique approach will foster self-management, disease prevention, and complications/comorbidities management by certified health coach nurses, diabetes nurses, and skilled nursing care. 40% of deaths represent the diabetes population, which calls for more attention and intervention, especially because it is preventable. An existing app will provide patients the opportunity to select available well-vetted employees on profile and rating; patients will also be able to schedule telehealth appointments. The patient will have the opportunity to rate nurses for their services which improve best practices and better health outcomes by allowing patients satisfaction ratings through the app. 

Diabetes management care will be offered with the scope to manage the present condition and comorbidities, as well as foster self-management and prevention of evolution into other diseases and reduce hospitalizations. Nurses will assess social determinants such as ambivalence, limitations, and barriers that hinder patient compliance with doctor treatment plans through motivational interviewing, assist with patient reaching personal health goals through goal setting and smart goal tools, active listening with patients’ techniques – all of which is done by utilizing health behavior change training. In addition, skilled nursing services ordered medication and infusions administration at home during visits, and follow-up through app calls will be offered. Skilled nursing nurses also assist in developing criteria to measure outcomes, analyses data quality improvement, recommend alternatives to patients. A doctor's office is already chosen because they have to offer such services, and are willing to refer patients. This unique approach hopes for a change in the better health outcomes for diabetes populations.

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