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Discussion Post: Professional Nursing

Professional Nursing

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Discussion post

I agree with the identified level of evidence from Sherri’s post. The post implies level VI evidence was presented in the article considering that the article employed a single descriptive study. The level of evidence was sufficient to analyse the impact of nurse manager’s leadership styles on ward staff. This aspect was essential for ensuring credibility and reliability of results attained from the study. 

This post is different from QI project as it seeks to critically assess the rationality of writer’s perspective in the topic of interest as opposed to proposing improvements strategies. The difference between Sherri’s post and the original article lies in the critical analysis perspective. The post identifies the implications of leadership in an organizational set up. One of the divergent aspect between this post and the original article is the interpretation done by Sherri related to the outcome of the study. While Sherri may have interpreted the findings in relation to organizational leadership, the original article focuses on the impact leadership in a healthcare set up has on personalities of nurses. This aspect is consequently related to delivery of quality care to the patients. 

Discussion of results by Sherri focuses on leadership styles and the impact this has on nurses. According to Sherri’s discussion, participants were interested in four types of leadership styles. The post also highlights that there are certain leadership styles that impact on nurses. However, the results of the original article are broad. The authors found that the perception of ward nurses concerning leadership styles of their managers is complicated and incorporated diverse aspects. This proposition is different from Sherri’s perspective. The results of this post are however, similar to that of the article as they point out to the imperative aspect of leadership in clinical set up.