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Continuing Nursing Education

Means of continuing education

Continuing nursing education is necessary to enable nurses to keep up to date with changes in the field, including the availability of new information and research that could strengthen their capacity to deal with patients. One of the easiest ways of doing this is through online platforms. The online platforms conduct their training through video conferencing, as well as course material sent to websites and individual nurses’ portals. These online portals are easily accessible, though they deny nurses the advantages of face-to-face learning. Some examples are the Global Leadership Summit and Dynamic Nurse training. Some colleges also offer classes for continued education, as do some hospitals. Northeastern University in Boston is a good example of such a facility, where nursing gain certification for additional education received in practical circumstances. 

Using an e-portfolio to illustrate the nursing practice

An e-portfolio has several advantages, not least because of the extent of its reach, and easy updatability. As a nursing practitioner, an e-portfolio will be utilized to show basic details, professional experience, and additional education and training. The e-portfolio will be configured in a manner that highlights professional experience and qualifications, as well as steps that are taken to improve expertise (Brandt, 2019). 

Discovering modalities and developing resources for nursing practice

In this process, the first step is a needs assessment to discover the needs for continued education, and what needs to be focused on. Next, existing programs are examined to see their relevance, especially concerning how they can be used to enrich the resources needed for nursing education. In developing the resources, online libraries play a critical role. Open access resources can also come in handy when looking for resources. Such resources include Nurse Educator, and Wolters Kluwer Health, among others (Keating et al, 2020). 


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