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Nurse Practitioner student Discussion

In this course, as a Nurse Practitioner student, I am expecting to learn how to master the art and science of clinical decision making among adult populations. Help the nurse practitioner student to learn how to focus on the diagnosis and management of primary healthcare needs and problems of the adult and elderly, as well as focus on physical and behavioral disease process central to diagnosing illness as well as planning, implementing, and evaluating treatment programs for acute illnesses commonly encountered in a primary healthcare setting. It helps NP students to gain confidence in clinical experiences in a primary healthcare setting where NP students learn to plan, implement, and evaluate therapeutic regimens for adult patients with common acute ad chronic illnesses.

The medical field is always evolving, so the goals are to continue and to ensure improvement. The strengths, challenges, and ways to improve are the utmost importance. The confidence part will come with experience, as this is a new avenue in which from providing care standards we are going to be the ones now developing them. Some of my strengths would be the ability to realize an emergent situation, the interpretation of lab values and meaning, and overall management of disease processes (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative in the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine, & Institute of Medicine, 2011). Fo much of this, my background encompasses many backgrounds in nursing. Nursing’s goal to me is to provide holistic care, and in doing so I engorged myself in knowledge and the most up to date policies and procedures. By doing this, I was able to learn a lot before becoming a nurse practitioner student. I worked as a float nurse from emergency medicine to the medical-surgical floor. I gained my experiences which have aided in the development of my ability to realize emergent situations and when to seek further care. The interpretation of lab values was crucial for nursing as it is for nurse practitioners. The knowledge of lab values and meanings will aid in the treatment plans for various patients. I have gained insights into many disease processes and how to manage them. The challenge is when to see further care from specialists, but the initial management is well versed through my experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner student. To maintain these strengths I will continue to learn and develop into a providing pairing what I know, with what I have learned and will learn and providing the best care to all patients.

For weaknesses, is the ability to focus out of an ER mindset has been a challenge, the family practice managed care has been a challenge, and the overall follow-ups from a family practice have also posed as a challenge. For me, my main experience has been in the Emergency Department. When in ED we specializing emergency medicine, the acute care of patients who presents without an appointment, and due to unplanned nature of patient attendance, we provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention. Seeing a variety of patients within a day provides insight into various comorbidities and how people function outside a hospital. The setting is different and treated as such. This is a challenge due to inexperience and limited knowledge as to the function of a family practice office. The last challenge is being the correct follow-up with family practice patients. The overall management can be hectic, and organization is necessary to provide timely, safe care ( American Association Nurse Practitioner, n.d.).


My goal is to utilize the seven domains of practice while improving my capacity for taking patient history, offering a sound diagnosis, improving my physical examination skills. Using the same domains, I would also like to demonstrate the capability of performing proper patient education by the best outcomes (Buttaro, Trybulski, Bailey, & Sandberg-Cook, 2013). Additionally, creating trust and a good rapport with my patients is of great importance along with using a management role utilizing a systemic problem-solving method. Finally, I would like to provide supportive mental health care and culturally sensitive practice. All of these will aid in achieving desirable health outcomes through evidence-based practices. My objectives are to advance my skills and level of knowledge in eventually becoming an expert in treating patients. To become an advanced practice nurse, one must be competent in managing and treating patients as well as developing proper leadership skills. It is equally important that the advanced practice nurse regularly evaluates the quality of healthcare being delivered and develops a proper plan and appropriate intervention based on evidence-based practices.