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According to Barrett (2017), nursing professionals and researchers have failed to agree on whether nursing is a basic or an applied science. A basic science refers to a body of knowledge that is unique and separate. A basic science is therefore a knowledge-specific recognizable entity. If nursing is a basic science, then it should have specific assumptions and principles that provide guidance to education and research in the field. An applied science is an amalgamation or combination of concepts derived from other disciplines. Applied sciences therefore have no discipline-specific theories. Examples of sciences include agriculture, nutrition and commerce among others. Applied sciences are therefore viewed as being richer in terms of concepts and theories as compared to basic sciences. I believe that nursing is an applied science due to various factors.

First, nursing science is made up of concepts from other sciences including biology, psychology and business. For example, nurses are expected to understand the human anatomy to ensure that they provide quality care to patients and understand their biological issues. Additionally, nurses perform duties that are similar to duties offered by other professionals including physicians. Various concepts of psychology including stress management and behavioral therapy are crucial for nurses since numerous patients suffering from terminal illnesses have a higher likelihood of suffering from mental illnesses. 

Secondly, nursing profession has moved from the reliance on nursing theories to the reliance on evidence-based practices. Nursing profession now involves vast research to ensure proper diagnosis and patient care. The extensive research has created new theories that are based on other fields beyond nursing. For example, to ensure that bedside handover is effective, health care facilities have created computer-based systems that ensure that patient data is safeguarded and the handover processes is conducted efficiently. The bedside handover process has therefore created a platform for collaboration between nursing, data analytics and computer programming hence demonstrating that nursing has evolved into an applied science.

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Thirdly, theories that previously belonged to nursing science have been combined with theories from other sciences to solve current issues. According to Gortner (1983), nursing concepts cannot solve certain current issues on their own and have to utilize knowledge from other sciences to find solutions to the current issues. For example, to determine how chronic illnesses modify self-image, nursing concepts have to be used in close collaboration with psychology concepts. The reliance of nursing concepts and theories on other sciences to solve current issues clearly demonstrate that nursing is an applied science.

Nursing science is also an applied science since concepts borrowed from other fields were used originally to create nursing concepts. According to Im (2018), there are three main theory development strategies which include theory analysis, theory synthesis, and theory derivation that were used to create nursing theories and concepts. The strategies utilized concepts and theories developed in other fields to create what later emerged as nursing science. 


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