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Measles in Canada

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Subject: Community Health Nursing

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Title: Stanhope. M.,

Instructions: question- in the past 3-5 years canada has been experiencing outbreaks of measles. measles was once felt to be almost completely eliminated in canada. discuss what has led to the outbreaks of measles in canada. explore strategies and rationale for addressing the outbreak of measles in canada

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Important notes: please use all the references from canada.

Required: stanhope, m., lancaster, j., jakubec, s., & pike-macdonald, s. (2017). community health nursing in canada (3rd canadian ed.). chapter 16. toronto: mosby elsevier american psychological association (2020). publication manual of the american psychological association (7 th ed.). washington, dc: author.

Suggested: . public health agency of canada. (2017). chief public health officer’s report on the state of public health in canada: designing healthy living. https://www.canada.ca/en/public health/services/publications/chief-public-health-officer-reports-state-public-health canada/2017-designing-healthy-living.html community health nurses of canada, http://www.chnc.ca/ • public health agency of canada, http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/index eng.php

Measles in Canada



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Measles is a highly contagious disease. In Canada, between 300,000-400,000 people were infected with measles annually. In 1926, measles killed over 900 Canadians while survivors lived with permanent complications including brain damage and deafness (Bettinger and MacDonald, 2018). Measles vaccine was introduced in Canada in the 1960s which drastically reduced measles cases. Measles was reportedly eliminated in Canada in 1998. According to Stanhope et al. (2017) Canada introduced public health policies and enhanced the collaboration between different health professionals to eliminate various diseases. Nursing professionals were instrumental in the fight against contagious diseases since they conducted community vaccination. 

The number of measles have increased in the recent past. According to a research conducted by Sanyaolu et al. (2019), a total of 91 measles cases were reported in Canada in 2019 as compared to 28 cases in 2018. The research also demonstrated that measles cases in Canada are expected to increase in the near future if effective interventions are not implemented. 

There are various factors that contribute to the increase in measles cases in Canada. First, measles cases have increased due to vaccine hesitancy which refers to the delayed acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite their availability. Since Canada declared the country measles-free people are reluctant to be vaccinated or vaccinate their children since they believe that they cannot get infected. 

Secondly, the number of measles cases has increased due to increased migration of people from places where the disease is considered an endemic. According to Sanyaolu et al. (2019), a total of 1234 measles cases were reported in the United States in 2019 as compared to 372 cases in 2018. Increased movement of people from Europe and the United States which report high number of measles cases create a threat to Canada in regards to measles. 

Thirdly, measles continuous to increase in Canada due to complacency about the risks of the disease. Many people are ignorant of measles as evidenced by reduced vaccination and being administered only one dose of the vaccine as opposed to two. 

Various interventions can be adopted to reduce the spread of the disease in Canada. First, public educational programs should be created to educate communities on the risks of measles and benefits of vaccination. The educational programs should target areas that have reported more cases and pregnant mothers to ensure that their children are vaccinated. Secondly, health professionals in Canada should work together to ensure that children are vaccinated at the right age and at the right dosage is administered. For example, collaborative efforts should include community social workers, nurses and pediatricians among others. Lastly, the government health agencies should screen people coming from countries reporting high rates of measles for the disease.  


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