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My Personal Values and Beliefs about the Nursing Profession

My Personal Values and Beliefs about the Nursing Profession





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My Personal Values and Beliefs about the Nursing Profession

For me, the desire to serve others via nursing is a calling, and I'm drawn to helping people in need. A nurse's job is more than just a job; it's an honorable calling. In my heart, I want to provide nonjudgmental care to anybody in need, regardless of their race or religious beliefs.

Providing safe, thorough, and patient-centered care is the responsibility of the nursing profession. Because my patients are more than simply room numbers or medical diagnoses, I must remember that they are people who deserve and require customized attention. Nurses should use their professional judgment to help the patient's needs be addressed (Pickles et al, 2019).By encouraging patients to take a more active role in their own health care, we may help them become more empowered advocates. Unless we have a legal need to do so, nurses should protect patient confidentiality. Providing patients and their loved ones with accurate information about their illnesses, treatments, and healthy habits is critical to improving their outcomes. In the premise that we can better care for others if we take care of ourselves first, we should likewise seek to model good, healthy habits in our own lives.

Maintaining current knowledge and skills and seeking self-improvement via ongoing education is an obligation for nurses. This will allow us to continue to grow as a profession via evidence-based practice and technology advancements, rather than remaining static in our ideas. As a nurse, my goal is to never stop learning, not just from textbooks and journals but also from the experiences of patients and their families and other members of the healthcare team. As a nurse, I want to always develop my knowledge and abilities by using what I've learned. Consistency is key for me to achieving my life's objectives. To remember the material I learn, I must maintain a consistent study and homework schedule. Procrastination just hinders my progress toward achieving my goals and objectives. I'll be able to fulfill deadlines more easily if I stick to a regular work schedule, which will speed up my progress toward my objectives. As part of my faith, I believe that perseverance and a good outlook are possible even in the face of hardships.

I feel that constant self-reflection is the best way to expand my knowledge and achieve my objectives. The only way I can accomplish this development is if I seek and receive criticism from my management on areas where I need to improve in order to become more effective. My personal progress depends on my ability to enhance my nursing profession. The quality assurance program and frequent evaluation of my objectives ensure that I am on track, as stated by Shafakhah et al (2018). As a working nurse, I value candor and truthfulness. A patient's treatment progress should be discussed openly with them so they are aware of what is happening in their life. This builds trust between the patient and the nurse and makes it easier for them to talk about difficult medical choices. I think that the patient should be at the center of the decision-making process and that informed consent is a fundamental right. My primary believe is that I should always act with honesty and protect the reputation of my profession.

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