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NURS-FPX4030 | Locating Credible Databases and Research

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Locating Credible Databases and Research

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 Communication strategies and collaboration to enable nurse research 

To encourage nurses to research the diagnosis and enhance collaboration strategies, the use of structured mentoring can be invaluable in this perspective. As cited by Sibiya, Ngxongo & Beepat (2018), structured mentoring gives the nurses a chance to make inquiries concerning a subject matter and, therefore, get a clear viewpoint of how to approach a problem. The adoption of open communication creates an environment where nurses can build confidence and inquiry in practice (Dadich & Hosseinzadeh, 2016). Furthermore, the adoption of this communication style will enable the nurse to develop active listening through frequent unscheduled discussions to address the problem. 

One of the advantages of open and structured communication is the ability to attain feedback to support the learning process (MacLean et al., 2017). Also, the use of audio visual communication approaches creates an effective platform where nurses can engage to seek new information concerning the diagnosis. These communication approaches can help build professional competence or a positive professional relationship. 

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Best places to complete research

The determination of best places to look for results is anchored on the ability of the sources to pass the CRAAP (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose) test (Berg, 2017). This approach enables attaining credible materials to be used for evidence based practice. Essentially, peer-reviewed databases, academic websites and Capella University Library are the best sources as they meet the five criteria for evaluating credible sources. Using these materials in healthcare settings increases nurses’ knowledge on up to date evidence based practice. Besides, use of these places in healthcare setting eases the work of nurses in searching for credible material prior to making diagnosis. 

Five sources of online information 

Based on the CRAAP criteria for identifying credible sources, the five most imperative sources are the Capella University Library, Journal of infectious disease by Oxford University press, Journal of infections, Medline and PubMed database. These are evidence based sources that offer updated information for diagnosis of healthcare associated infections. These sources are also in the order of their priority in addressing the diagnosis of infections in the healthcare settings. Out of these five sources, the Journal of infections by the British infections association, Capella University library and the journal of infections diseases are critical as they directly address diagnosis of healthcare associated infections. 

Why selected sources provide best evidence for chosen diagnosis

The selected sources present up to data information concerning management of healthcare associated infections. These sources contain verified, full text articles written in English from some of the best medical journals in the field of interest. These sources offer critical information on EBP on management of healthcare associated infections in healthcare settings. One of the imperative aspects of these sources is their ability to offer scientific data that warrants for proposed solutions to infections in a healthcare setting. Also, these sources present the current information in this topic as they are updated regularly. Therefore, all information found on these sites is invaluable in enhancing diagnosis of infections. Most of these articles are open, therefore, making it easy for nurses to access with ease. 

The use of these sources will allow the nurse to offer patient centred care through attainment of evidence based practice. The use of best evidence in diagnosis of infections in healthcare settings will be invaluable in increasing the overall health outcomes of the patients as. By applying open communication styles with feedback, it’s possible to support the nurse attain best practice in making effective diagnosis. 


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