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PICOT Assignment

Type: Essay

Subject: Nursing Leadership Course

Subject area: Nursing

Education Level: College

Length: 1 pages

Referencing style: APA

Preferred English: US English

Spacing Option: Double

Title: CGE Project Introduction

Instructions: this course will focus on approaching your cge project topic from a project management perspective. we will spend a majority of this course laying the critical planning foundation. feedback from your colleagues and peers should be a routine practice when it comes to projects. for this discussion, please address the following. state your picot either as a post or an attachment to the week 1 picot worksheet. provide a brief overview of your project and how you came to choose this project.




Topic: I think the research topic should be compliance of emergency department staff with wearing PPE, and the reasons for non-compliance


The research involves emergency department staff working in various health care facilities. Emergency department staffs are exposed to various risks including being infected with Covid-19. Health care professionals especially those working in the emergency department are expected to take extreme precautions to prevent the infections

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Emergency department staff should take protective measures to ensure that they are safeguarded from infections. Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) has been adopted as a major measure to protect healthcare professionals from the covid-19 pandemic. The PPE used for prevention against covid-19 consists of various elements including grown, gloves, face shield and respirators. 


The research will determine whether emergency department staff complies with the PPE guidelines. Compliance will be achieved if the staff wear the PPE all the required time and follow the laid down procedures of wearing the PPEs. Non-compliance will involve failure to wear the PEE and failure to follow the guidelines for wearing and removing the equipment.


The research might demonstrate that emergency department staff wears the PPE in the correct manner and following the required processes. The research might also conclude that emergency department staff does not comply with the PPE guidelines. In case the staff does not wear the PPE, the research will demonstrate possible reasons for non-compliance. 


The research will evaluate the use of PPE during the covid-19 pandemic. The use of PPE increased as the cases of Covid-19 increased. The research will evaluate the use of PPE immediately after the first case of the disease was reported. 

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